Frontline, November 28, 2014

Letters to the Editor

Frontline, November 28, 2014
THE recent innovation introduced by Frontline in its focus and content is most welcome. When some of the “older” periodicals are trying to fall in line with the market trend and changing the format and content to attract the upper-class rich and the busy young, it is comforting to see a magazine devoting several pages to discuss serious issues such as institutions like the Planning Commission being euthanised, the conscious destruction of India’s public sector by an elite private sector by dubious means, and the irreparable damage being done to the social sector in the name of labour reforms.
When mainstream magazines do not devote more than two or three pages to developments such as these, the articles in Frontline can easily be presented as background papers in groups discussing current policy issues.
Extensive book reviews and features such as the two-part series on the “Drawn from light” exhibition of photographs from the last couple of centuries with a befitting narrative by Ajoy Ashirwad Mahaprashasta (October 31 and November 14) make each issue a “collector’s item”.
I think, only The Hindu Group is giving the discerning Indian reader such luxury at an affordable price.
M.G. Warrier


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