To dad, with love

To dad, with love: He was equally well- known for his temper and his generosity. Relatives, friends and neighbours would always count on him for help, be it for building a house, conducting a wedding, pursuing education

A poem in prose!

A great poetry in 'prose'! The striking difference being the real life situation expressed with the kind of detachment one needs to communicate with the reader. Such articles will definitely inspire more people to look at age with more empathy, concern and an attitude that will reduce the suffering of elders which we witness everyday and may experience one day. Thanks for this article. I quote the concluding sentence:
"I can’t imagine what you are going through in this helpless state of yours today. I only hope that all our love and healing thoughts somehow bring some peace and tranquillity to you at this time."

Do read the full article using the link.

M G Warrier


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