Faith: Rich insights

Faith: Rich insights: Valmiki lived contemporaneously during the period of Rama Avatar and was ordained to faithfully record the events in Rama’s lifetime. Valmiki is revered as the Adi Kavi and the Ramayana as the Adi Kav


"For instance, the well-known ‘Dyana Sloka, Vaidehi Sahitam’* recited before a study or reading of the Ramayana describes a word picture of Rama and Sita seated together in the golden throne in Ayodhya perhaps after Rama Pattabhishekam.
Rama is in the Virasana posture with Bharata and others, and in the august presence of rishis and sages. Hanuman is in front reading the story of Rama. It is shown that Rama listens to the reading and expounds the truths. Interpreters point out that Hanuman’s rendering of Rama’s story in this sloka is not Valmiki’s version."
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M G Warrier

*Copied below:
Vaidehi sahitam suradrumatale haime mahaamandape
Madhye pushpaka maasane manimaye veeraasane susthitam – agre
Vaachayati prabham janasute tatvam – munibhyah param vyakhyamtam
Bharataadibhihi parivrutam – raamam bhaje shyaamalam

वैदेही सहितं सुरद्रुमतले हैमे महामंडपे
मध्ये पुष्पक मासने मणिमये वीरासने सुस्थितं  – अग्रे 
वाचयति प्रभं जनसुते तत्वं  – मुनिभ्यः परं व्याख्यांतं   
भरतादिभिः परिवृतं  – रामं भजे श्यामलं


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