A slippery mouth works ruin...

There's a proverb which says :
A slippery mouth works ruin*....

The mother of a girl much given to slandering was desperate
Because no punishment from her effective enough to stop her daughter ....
Finally, she decided to teach her a lesson . Taking a pillow, she told the girl
To cut it open. This done, she said , “Empty the pillow out the window,
Wait a few minutes, then go out and pick all the feathers”
“ But, Mother , I cannot “ the daughter replied.
“The wind will blow them all over the street!”
“Exactly ,” came the answer . “That is just the way it is with the tales you spread. 
Once they are told, there is no way of taking them back.”
The bits of gossip and Rumour passed on so freely , with little or no thought
About the harm they may do , can blow into the lives of hundreds of people,
And become irretrievable .
The more we try to develop the good in others, the less we will be concerned 
With their faults. Putting this method into practice will give us a foretaste of Heaven,.
Be Well
V T Panchapagesan
*Excerpts from email received in Exrbites Group


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