Happy Republic Day 2020: Chennai Book Fair, 2020

If I were a book… all is fair - Except the last question!

I didn't find a better link to connect with you on Republic Day, 2020.
Happy Republic Day.
For a bus conductor, you are just a ticket, they say. For a writer (early morning mailers included, let me reserve my space first!) you are a potential reader.
We recently discussed methods to dispose old books, to make space for new ones. I'm sure, last week, some libraries would have become richer. 
Now, this article reaffirms, the love for books will never die. No one's going to say, enough of fairs, if it's about book fairs. Fair enough.
Publishing a book, today, has become so easy. You can do it in a day. The problem for readers is, some writers have started thinking, you can write a book also, in a day.
Please do open the link. Find out what happened at Chennai Book Fair. Good news for all book lovers.

M G Warrier


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