Changing hairstyles

The hairstyles, they are now changing- Does costs decide the style? 

For me, since childhood, even today, haircut has been a regular monthly event.
During 1950's "Navian Raman" (nothing to do with Navy, that was the colloquial adjective to describe a barber) had a 6'×6' thatched facility adjacent to his thatched house, where we had our haircut. Raman kept a pot of water, his instruments box and a 4"×8" mirror in his work-place. If he has no house-calls (Raman will visit houses and do haircut for all male members in the family there for which sometimes the payment would be in kind, coconuts, some rice etc) he would be available for work from 8 a m to late in the evening, till it was dark (no electricity). He charged 2 Annas (present 12 paise, approximately the cost of one coconut then) against 4 Annas charged in the Barbershop in the town.
I had a colleague in Mumbai who used to cut his own hair and had never visited a Barbershop. He never owned/used an umbrella also. He too is a happy retiree like me today.

M G Warrier


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