Keep the conversation going: A life's lesson

Mend fences, keep the conversation going - Check the missed calls and respond, please! 

This is an article, I would have loved to write. No, I don't have anyone on this side of the planet, whom I will avoid talking to. But, I've experienced the agony of people avoiding talking to me.
In my own case, not breaking the communication with the worst of enemies, in worst of circumstances, is one of the many lessons I've learned from my father. This, but, in a reverse way. My father had some "enemies" within the family and outside with whom he won't talk, and didn't talk for the rest of his life, once he decided not to talk to.
This inspired me to think differently.
I had a colleague who was very close who stopped talking to me for "trade union" reasons during 1970's. Even after the break in oral communication, we used to attend meetings together, go to hotels and movies together and talk with mutual friends in the same meetings/rooms (imagine the agony suffered by both).
When I write this here, I'm aware, my statements are likely to be subjected to "social audit". I'm confident on facts.

M G Warrier


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