Harmony in life, it's possible! : Lessons from notes!

A different set of notes with music - Harmony in life, it's possible!

This is a 6 month old article. Some of you might have already seen it. I read this today only and found it interesting.
No, I don't know ABC of music. But, like I can understand finance without formal knowledge of accountancy, I appreciate the rhythm, harmony and the effect of music in creating peace around.


Imagine, each one of us is given a different musical instrument and all of us have to play them in harmony, following the silent instructions given by the Master. So long as the Master is able to communicate with us effectively and the overall performance goes well, we don't notice the immense possibilities of disharmony that can be chaotic, that can be caused by some of us, for whatever reason, disobey the Master.

M G Warrier


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