Scouting for a care home? Hurry slowly!

Scouting for a care home? Hurry slowly! 

This is a little delicate subject. I've tried to record my views in a "detached" way.
Your views as online comments and/or responses are welcome. The subject must be of interest to many of us.
Response from Chittur Venkatachalaiyer Subbaraman, Mysuru copied below:
M G Warrier

"Very interesting and practical suggestion. Life style of children has changed over decades. Parents growing old have begun appreciating the outlook and philosophy of children staying within or outside India. Living in Oldage homes is no longer considered a blot on their children and their love and affection towards parents. Live and let live!  It is better to be frank and keep  a dry eye than accommodate corcodile tears.
I do not know whether I would move into a care centre in future but so long as I can manage myself outside a care centre and lead a life in my own way, in my own right and in my own safety, I am satisfied with where I am at the moment. The suggestion in the article in the concluding portion is very comforting: take a decision after a trial period!



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