Dreams SenIors' Fashion Show, 2019-20

Dreams Senior's Fashion Show 2019-20

(Report by my daughter Reshmy Warrier)

My mum got crowned 1st runner up at a 60+ years' category fashion event in our residential society last night. For someone who has never considered herself to be beautiful, this was a joyous revelation. And every step on the way was a proud moment for her family members. She fussed over it for the past few days, like an 18 year old would. What to wear. How she will not buy/borrow a better sari. How she will not wear make up. All of it redefining who she is, her pride, her sensibility. And at the same time, in contrast, her sweet innocence shining through.

Believe you me, a fashion show at 67 years of age isn't easy. There are age related issues of frequent nature's calls and difficulty in standing or waiting. But she overcame all odds and stood firm in her want to participate, and in full earnest.

I think the fashion show helped her get a platform that she so deserves to feel special and be beautiful, all thanks to her confidence and go-getter attitude to make it happen. She has no stage fright. This may actually be her 3rd stage performance in her life! But she had no fear. She practised at home, did a rehearsal 4 hours prior on stage and she was ready.

There were many lovely women besides her competing at the event. Some of them were even more enthusiastic than she was. At the age, the gusto to dance, talk and showcase on stage is commendable. So salute to all the ladies.

However, for obvious reasons, my mum was my favourite. To me, she was the most beautiful woman in the world last night.


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