Is contentment a bliss?*
Lust is the creator of all evils .

Yet we cannot deny the fact that all the scientific developments and comforts of life would never have been possible if people were satisfied with walking or travelling by bullock carts, and women were happy spending long hrs with grinding stones and firewood ovens.I may not be posting this message thro internet, if all were content with written communications being sent thro post.

Whenever a person stops dreaming and aiming for his goal, that person never grows and eventually he gets stuck in one point. For that person is contented of living a very low despicable life and doesn’t want a welcome change. That is an unprincipled contentment, a paralyzed contentment and not a healthy contentment. 

All human beings do have, not only material needs, but have Physiological, Safety, Social, Ego, Self-actualization and Spiritual needs.

Any blockage in satisfaction of any of the needs stated above will definitely be a blockage to the wholesome personality development .

A job seems to be uninteresting when you stop yourself to be innovative, when there is a cease in the process of thinking in a different direction, pioneering new ideas.

Our so called 'contentment' of which we are elated, block the ways to re-think otherwise and seal it off only with our assumption that we are perfect.

Open up, grow and think for an improvement, believe that you can do something innovative, imagine to think differently and what actually can make you feel pleased about the place and bring a smile on your face. 

Instead of being satisfied with what you know,try to discover and know something new everyday.
No garden is built sitting under a shade and claiming Oh! How beautiful!

The secret of joy in work is contained in one word - excellence. For excellence you need to think big, act big and grow big. Having expectation is not a crime or sin , but a real tool for development.

" Karmanyeva Adhikarasthe, maa phaleshu kadhaachana "says Gita,
Gita's Karma definitely includes fixing higher aims, update the skill sets, proving yourself adaptable to growing changes etc etc and not accepting the minimum and downgrading your potentials.
People may object to this logic saying that your desire grows endless.
Yes it is true. What is wrong if you desire more?
It is the desire that makes you learn;it is the desire that makes your knowledge shine;it is the desire that makes you uncompromising on perfection;it is the desire that makes you unreconciling towards inferior attainments.
The world would not have achieved one thousandth of what is today, had everybody been content with the lowest attainment possible.

Being happy with the smallest achievement is one thing;
Being happy with the big achievement with heart and mind brimming with enthusiasm ready to take up more ventures is entirely different in content and magnitude 

Elders used to say" Aim at the sky, you can at least reach the top of the tree"

*Received via Exrbites Group email from Vathsala Jayara


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