Arvind Kejriwal: Leading by example 
Aravind Kejriwal surprised us, first by leading a movement called "India Against Corruption"(IAC) which became a nucleus for bringing together people who thought a change in governance in Delhi was overdue. 
Perhaps, the makeover of IAC to Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was hasty or Kejriwal's own plunge into the arena of electoral politics was untimely. Others capitalized more from these two decisions for which Kejriwal was personally responsible.
But, by now, by focusing on his role as Delhi Chief Minister, Kejriwal has more than made up for his earlier flaws. By example, he has demonstrated how much of resources can be saved by minimizing corruption. And he has ensured that such savings are diverted for social benefit. Like improving literacy, empowerment of women, healthcare and providing a better public transport system.
M G Warrier


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