A writer's progress : "Link" issues resolved!

A writer’s progress


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This morning a friend has pointed out to me that some links in my forwards are not opening at the receiver's end where a pop up asks to subscribe to the paper. My friend feels I am canvassing subscription to the paper. I'm myself not an online subscriber to any publication and I have not been marketing my own publications.
However, the submitted version of the above blog post is copied below for your convenience.

"A writer's progress

M G Warrier

Recently, a young doctor shared her experience when she was quarantined for about a month during the Nipah virus scare in Kerala (2018) through a short article in a mainstream English daily. In minimum words, she excellently presented the agonies and ecstasies those in the medical profession (doctors down to the cleaning staff) go through on a daily basis. I shared a link to the article with my friends with the following comments:
"A doctor’s memories of the last viral scare- Unsung heros...
A must-read for those who have been fortunate to remain healthy and blame medical profession for all the ills in society. Dr Sylvia in one place in this article talks about "doctors to the cleaning staff..."
95 percent of those who make a living from medical and allied services do justice to their profession. It's seldom recognized that they get exposed to different types of risks in different situations.
How many of us talk to our doctor with the consideration that s/he is another human being like us, even when you meet at a function? If all of you do, I was an exception till a few decades back. Then I changed, and my relationship with doctors changed. Just a tip. Nothing to do with this article."
I shared my above observations with the doctor, appreciating her style of presentation and suggesting that she should continue to write. The provocation for this piece is the doctor's following response:
"I very much like to publish but I just can't find enough time.. 
Thanks for the encouragement"
Here, let me analyse my own progress in putting together my thoughts in black and white and getting them across my "target audience"
In school, during our time (1950's), we used to have "Manuscript Magazines" in classes 7 to 11. In each class, the class teacher will coordinate periodical "publication" of Class Magazine. The "Magazine" was a note book in which articles, stories and poems by talented students will be artistically be presented by the student whose handwriting and presentation skills were good. The Magazine used to remain in circulation for months, and was read by scores of students and some teachers. I too got chance to contribute to such magazines.
For students, a higher level of publication was in a section dedicated for contribution from children in a popular Malayalam Weekly. I still remember when a Malayalam translation of a small Hindi story (from a text book) appeared in print in that section.
After getting employed, during the initial trade union days, I got opportunity to write slogans, notices and inputs for speeches by leaders.
Next stage, in office, preparing briefs for bosses, drafting reports and inputs for participation in meetings also helped me to keep my thirst for writing live.
Post-retirement, last 15 years, I became regular in responding in the media on current affairs and publishing articles. Since 2014, I have published some books also."

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February 27, 2020


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