Multiplier effect of social media

Standoff against a monkey for peanuts- Multiplier effect of social media sharing 

Ever wondered how many people will be reading what you write? Just as I always said about the secret of secrecy (once you share a secret with one, it doesn't remain a secret. In my office, when I was in service, I have seen open files doing rounds on file-boards with "SECRET" written in bold letters on the flaps!), once you key in your thoughts and if you are connected to internet, you literally lose control on who all will read it. I'm on a different point, please do not Google search and advise me how to protect the files.
When writers read articles like the one by Mini Krishnan*, they get ideas to write new articles. Strangely, this article reminded me of a joke my "beautician" repeats occasionally even these days.
During early 1980's, my son went alone to him for a hair-cut. While returning he saw a cow coming from the opposite direction in the gully and returned to the shop. The hair-dresser accompanied him and while returning after leaving my son at our gate, he asked my son where was the cow. He retorted: "Which cow?"
M G Warrier

*Mini Krishnan  


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