Political Reforms: Overdue

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M G Warrier
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February 23, 2020

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thanks for sharing your thoughts on this issue. i agree with your assessment. in different contexts i had occasion to write about the following aspects of our political system:
1) we didn\'t think of allowing growth of a proactive opposition in our legislatures. it was, as if, the job of opposition was to \"oppose\".
2) when india against corruption came with a message, there were takers and youth from different parts of the country started listening and actively involving in politics. but the impact was short-lived, as the leadership of iac hurried to get into governance.
3) someone has to talk loudly about the need for closing the doors of political leadership and legislatures to known criminals.
4) politics need to be professionalized. there\'s need for finishing schools for those who want to opt for politics as a career and transparent system of funding political parties and remuneration packages for full time political workers.
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