Shiva Shakthi : Random thoughts

WHO IS SHIVA? Understanding the concept of Shiva... Shakthi is Shiva and Shiva is Shakti

Mahashivaratri is on February 21, 2020. Having stayed inside a Shiva temple for 7 years (1952-59), every Shivarathri, for me is a day of reunion with my protector.
Memories go back. 
Heaps of tender coconuts brought by devotees staying far and near, for "Abhishekam", the crowd of bhaktas in the temple premises which otherwise remains barren or doubles up as play ground, inside-outside illumination by hundreds of lamps and "diyas", drums, music...All come back to memory, as if it was yesterday!

M G Warrier
Blog 5041
February 16, 2020


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