Understanding trees: Talking to the trees

The tree family - Trees conceal growth rings inside and grow further, we exhibit wrinkles and shrink!


I know you are still not out of the Budget hangover.
But, this can't wait. I found this review interesting. As I said earlier, all are not fortunate to read good books. Reading good reviews of good books can be the next best thing for lazy people like me.
I had planned a mango sapling in a corner of  our 60x40 (one ground) Sasthamangalam (Thiruvananthapuram) plot in 1977. It grew as a big tree and started flowering and giving mangos. I had to get it cut and removed, "paying a price" in 2003. I planted another one, in another corner. It grew and was about to give yield when we visited last. Last month, neighbor informed, that tree died.

M G Warrier


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