A 21st Century friendship problem

Letter from a Concerned Reader: Mr. Mathrubootham will manage your face with tumbler - Do you have a trusted friend?

Mathrubootham has raised a real serious 21st Century problem which only you can solve. By making more friends. This's how:
Listen to other people's problems.
You may not be able to solve the problem. But, if you allow him/her to share the problem, it's a good beginning. Don't interrupt and tell him/her that you know someone else with the same problem.
Nowadays people accumulate problems in their minds, like people collected old stamps, match box pictures and curios that came with binaca paste in olden days. Where are all the friends? Mathrubootham is asking. Even I have only 6 or seven trusted friends. Five years back, I had 10 or 11.
M G Warrier


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