Own a plant, or adopt a tree: Mind your tree

Poems that the earth writes upon the sky- Plant, or adopt a tree: Then mind your tree!


This rainy season, let us, each one of us, own or adopt a tree. Or a plant. Start loving it. If it's a "money plant", watch it multiplying under your care. If it is a peepal tree in the neighborhood, watch it and interact with it, when free, as the author of this article does. Watch the leaves, birds, grass on the ground, ants, bees....Feel their presence...
See the plant/tree growing and occupying space in your mind. The leaves will start filling your environment with oxygen (positive thoughts), absorbing CO2 (negative thoughts), inhale only positive thoughts, while exhaling, imagine all that's negative, all pains and memories of past negative experiences leave you. Slowly, but surely, life will become less miserable. Thoughts of next year's income tax and a rising cholesterol or BP or sugar level when you go for next check up will become statistics not getting "internalized".
What way that'll help me?
Good question. "My mailbox will be cleaner!"

M G Warrier


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