Give me the courage...

I know this is a repeat. But I'm taking the liberty to share this link with you again. There's a selfish interest. For the last few months, most of the days, early in the morning, I'm sharing a faith column link (The Hindu) or Mindspace link (The New Indian Express) or both with my brief comments. I'm aware, many of you are using those links. Similarly, during weekends, I pick up one or two articles from Speaking Tree (We get this 8 page TOI supplement on Sunday in Mumbai for ₹3/-).
All are not trained to practice Yoga or Meditation (I'm not). Many of us have belief systems different from the mainstream. Only some of us have activities to keep us engaged 24x7. Some of us have health or other issues, which are, sometimes, frustrating.
Most of us camouflage inconvenient personal issues while interacting with others. If one starts opening up, sometimes, the reverse flow may affect one's own balance, making one regret the first step! (I'll not elaborate).
Personally, I get some comfort 
a) When I read positive, inspirational quotes like this (some of our group members are sharing such quotes and stories regularly)
b) By spending some time doing nothing...A primitive way of prayer/meditation
c) When I read stories or stotras or anecdotes from religious discourses (any religion)
d) When I interact with people with a positive outlook
(List inconclusive)
M G Warrier


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