Pleasant Moments: A family get-together in Bangalore

Pleasant Moments in Bangalore

We are back after attending the 4th edition of the family get-together (GT) of my wife Sudha's side held in Pleasant Moments, Koramangala, Bangalore from August 16 to 18, 2019. Earlier GT's were held at two-year intervals, two in Mananthavady and one in Nashik.
The family has 52 members aged 11months to 81 years and 30 attended this year. My wife Sudha is the youngest sister among 4 brothers and 3 sisters. Eldest sister settled in Nashik and her family (10 members including her son and family based in Dubai) couldn't attend this GT for various reasons.
Those who attended the GT included 3 doctors, 5 teachers/Ex-teachers, one lawyer, one Investment Advisor, 7 company executives/managers/accountant, 3 self-employed professionals, one retiree, one journalist, 6 students and 2 kids (< 3 years).
Bangalore-based members coordinated all linkages in Bangalore with external support from my son based in Mumbai.
The two-day event was managed and funded by 6 GenNext cousins who attended the function. A report follows
M G Warrier

The event: RPKS, 2019

All 30 family members checked-in at Pleasant Moments, Koramangala by 12 noon on Friday, August 16, 2019.
Day 1
Initial interactions followed by dinner at 8 30 p m
9 to 11 30 p m
Day 2
8 a m Breakfast
Session I, 9 a m to 12 noon
1) Self introduction by each member expressing views on life's challenges.
2) Discussion on influence of social media on health and lifestyle management:
Key note address by Dr Ajay based in UK 
Dr Vandana Ajay (GP in UK)
Dr TV Surendran (Practicing Paediatrician based in Mananthavady with 54 years experience)
Doubts of members on health management were clarified by doctors.
Later in the day, Suresh and team demonstrated how to calculate body age and manage health by lifestyle and diet control.
Session II, 2 30 to 7 p m
Cultural Programmes:
1 Games
2 Anthaakshari
3 Semi-classic dance performed by Surej Warrier 
4 Exchange of gifts and distribution of sweets
8 p m : Dinner
Session III, 9 p m onwards
Discussion on political and economic situation in Kerala and India
Day 3
8 a m: Breakfast
9 a m onwards: Checking out and bye-bye
In between, there were insightful interactions on several subjects like education system, career options, hobbies, job security,  institution of marriage, post-retitrement life, role of parents and grandparents in family and so on.

Way forward

The long-term objective of such GTs is to re-invent the joint family concept of last century factoring in all the positive aspects like mutual help, sense of security, respect for family values and creating a family brand value.
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Report prepared by: M G Warrier ( for


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