Learn from India Coffee House

Media response:
August 9, 2019
The simmering cup
This refers to the article “Emergence & economy of coffee shops in India" (Business Standard, Insight, August 9) by Atanu Biswas. Though emanating from the sad demise of an entrepreneur with a success story behind, in sadder circumstances, the debate will continue, as life has to move on.
By a strange coincidence, a coffee shop chain started by workers as a cooperative venture under the leadership of A K Gopalan weaved a success story across India during the last century. Yes, the reference is to  the "India Coffee House".
Though I am not aware of any research results on the subject, many successful ventures in different sectors in India had their seeding in discussions among friends who met in one or the other ICH somewhere. The success story of ICH itself was the result of total involvement of all stakeholders in the venture and the team work by each employee who owned the business. Perhaps, the present day managements manned by rich businessmen and supported by MBAs and research organizations can learn a lesson or two from ICH.
M G Warrier, Mumbai


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