Born underweight

Subject: Tiny tots who fight to survive- Dedicated to all underweight friends

I've told my own underweight story several times. But whenever someone reminds me about body weight, I'll shamelessly repeat, risking the response: "Ok okay... You have told this earlier..."
From what my mother used to tell anyone who gave health tips to improve my height and weight, I've reconstructed my childhood health story and memorized it. My RBI health story I've encashed by publishing an article.
I was born on a Tuesday night. 0015 hrs, Wednesday, August 9, 1944 to be exact. Venue: A small outhouse maintained in the North-west corner adjacent to our ancestral home which existed till late 1950's. Being the male child born to my mother after three girls in succession at long intervals (my eldest sister was 20 years senior to me!), my mother's uncles who came to know of my arrival howled in happiness.
The survival of the sqirrel-sized child was uncertain. My parents started rearing a milch cow to ensure pure milk for me. Food supplements included preparations from raggie powder, arrow root powder, banana powder (all home made) etc 
Suffice to say, I was 48" in height and 48lb (22kg) in weight in Class VIII and all of 99 pounds when I entered RBI in 1968.

M G Warrier


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