Bound to Samsara : Attachment to three gunaas

Bound to samsara - The three "gunaas" and attachments

Attachment to learning also can delay Moksham! Story of extended life of Bharadwaj to learn Vedas as example.
Arjuna as "Anagha"
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M G Warrier

C V Subbaraman, Mysuru observes:
"It is very interesting. If one were to seek Moksha, how can he know the goal without any education - knowledge? So before seeking Moksha, one should seek knowledge that enlightens him or her to a state where he gets convinced that seeking knowledge beyond a point is useless.

Anagha is name of Arjuna. Nay, it is also the name of Vishnu - it occurs in the Vishnu Sahasranaama: Anagho vijayo jetaa........and again in Amurtih anagho achintyo......

 Even during the avataars of the God, they had their studenthood in quest of knowledge. Rama was student of Vasishta Rishi, Krishna of Sandeepani Rishi. A person without knowledge is compared to a "pashu" or animal.

Let us not wind up our schools, paatasaalaas and universities, but teach the students on what to seek and why and how much!




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