Protecting natural resources

M G Warrier's response:     
August 23, 2019
Protecting natural resources*
This refers to the report “Bountiful rains fill up reservoirs across the country” (August 23). When negative news and pessimism create a smokescreen and the environment becomes suffocating, a front page report about comfortable water levels in reservoirs across the country and signals about possible good news from farm sector in the coming months are comforting.
One wishes, resources management across sectors and geographies get prioritized. Our country is blessed with adequate natural and financial resources, sufficient to ensure a decent lifestyle for the present population. This is the position after centuries of looting by external invaders and decades of mismanagement by ourselves.
Let's wake up and manage our resources including water and other assets like real estate, gold and human resources professionally.
M G Warrier, Mumbai
*A slightly edited version of this letter appears in The Hindu Business Line, August 24, 2019


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