Conquest of Happiness: Book Review

Subject: [Book Review] “The Conquest of Happiness” | PAMIR TIMES
Good Morning all
I have talked about this book by Bertrand Russel earlier. But this review by a student (2012) looks interesting to me. Shri Raman Menon who was Mathematics Tutor in Government Brennan College, Tellichery introduced this book to us when he came for a guest lecture then (1960) to Government College, Madappally. I picked up the book from University Library, Thiruvananthapuram during early 1960's and later read some more of Russel's books. I learned from the author that one's personal life need not be "perfect" in the eyes of the society, to help other fellow-beings to pursue happiness and perfection (in that order). He taught me, one can mess up everything in life and still live a wonderful long life!
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M G Warrier


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