In search of ancestors of a parrot!

Meet the giant parrots that lived 19 million years ago - Get thrilled by people's research skills!
A parrot occasionally visits us on the windows of this 20th floor flat in Mumbai. I was curious to know more about her ancestors who lived in Nuzeland 19 million years ago and had a height of 1 metre and weighed 7 kg.
I've absolutely no idea about my own ancestors beyond 3 generations. But it's never late to become curious. 
This morning a 68 year old friend confessed most of the students in the school in which he studied (interior Maharashtra) were, as per school records were born on June 1. As he thought I knew some Astrology, he asked me whether there's any way to find out his real date of birth. I advised him, even if someone suggested going to some "experts" who specialize in "Nashtajataka" not to waste time and money.
M G Warrier


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