Suicide is not an option: Speaking Tree

Suicide is Not an Option
ET deserves thanks for sharing this short Speaking Tree article with readers now. The message is clear, suicide doesn't solve any problem. Accepting the possibility of this article surfacing in the context of V G Siddhartha's departure from the scene leaving a 'note', let's discuss the suicide attempts out of frustration arising from failures.
Leaving Siddhartha here, let's discuss frustration arising from financial loss. Many suicides including farmers' suicides come under this category. Individuals in such situations need some external support to think about options other than suicide in such situations. The concept of team, God/destiny, strong family ties allowing sharing of anxieties and so on can divert attention of individual from suicide thoughts. 
Back to Siddhartha, existence of a transparent bankruptcy law and awareness about it would have changed his fate. 
M G Warrier


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