Interview: Metro Man Sreedharan

Metro Man E. Sreedharan on being a guiding force for infrastructure projects - "I have always led a disciplined life": Sreedharan
I'm yet to read this article. But I want you to read whenever you are free. Highlight:
John L Paul: "You have always advocated the appointment of technocrats in crucial government posts held by civil servants. The centre has now begun direct recruitment to such posts, overlooking IAS officers."
Sreedharan: "The Indian bureaucracy as it exists today is a sad legacy of the British days. To believe that a civil service officer will fit all roles is wrong. Specialization is a must, especially in these days of fast-changing technology. Proven technocrats must be posted in such fields. Sadly, politicians prefer generalists and they sideline technocrats."
My view:
"The reason is the built-in inferiority complex in the political leadership. The political leadership is averse to listening to 'wise counsel', because it is easier to speak than to listen and respond. As I have argued earlier, each political party, based on their representation in legislatures, should be mandated to recruitment professionals from campuses, for doing research and advising on policy issues. The expenses should be funded by government from consolidated fund of India in a transparent manner. This will result in development of a cadre in political parties which will start talking sense and understand what people like Sreedharan are talking about."

M G Warrier


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