Sanskrit Paper from Mysuru: "SUDHARMA"

Subject: Sanskrit paper from a Mysuru printing press- "Sudharma"
As the writer rightly says, many may not be aware about the existence of a 50 year old Sanskrit newspaper named after my wife Sudharma (named after, because my wife was 17 when the first issue of the paper which got its name from a "Sabha" in Devaloka came out.) Scientist Dr A Damodaran who married Dr Malathy daughter of EMS Namboothiripad has named his house situated in Mangalam Lane, Sasthamangalam "Sudharma". Author and journalist Dr Harish Damodaran who was with The Hindu till recently is Drs Damodarans' son.
We had 4 Language Formula in school and I studied English, Hindi, Malayalam and Sanskrit during 1953-59. Transgressing into stories our Sanskrit teacher Adiyodi, who came in a Dhothi and a cream coat without tie, would forget what stanza of the Sanskrit poem he was talking about. He was a good teacher and in his later life, practiced Homeopathy to bring both ends nearer (they never met!)
Reading about the printing press, remembered Vijay (only I know he is named after Arjuna) who is "Kachada Mama" for residents of Dreams. After losing job in the old-type printing press here, he's making a living by supervising waste collection in a building.
Yesterday, PM asked newspapers to publish one word everyday with meaning and equivalent words in 10 Indian languages.
M G Warrier


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