Demophobia: Fear of public speaking

Subject: Conquering my fear of speaking- How to get over demophobia

Some are good at talking. Many are good orators. Some are born actors. Yet others are good teachers. Some are thinkers. Many can write well. 
Good teachers are efficient mentors. In their hands, students are like clay in the hands of professional artists who give different shapes to the same quantity of clay. 

M G Warrier
With reference to Shri CV Subbaraman's response*:

Thanks a lot for sharing**
 By a coincidence, I too got over demophobia while I was in Nagpur. As I was in charge of CAS and, off and on, officiated as RD, sitting in the back benches or avoiding dais with local VIPs was not possible.
By that time I was in my late 50's.
Earlier, going to Bank's training establishments as guest faculty etc was a punishment for me. We enjoyed our stay for about 2 years (1999-2001)
M G Warrier
**CV Subbaraman's response:

"Nice to know that Shiv conquered innate fear. I had seldom shared my very pathetic experience in public speaking. I had been a trade union leader for more than two years and I could speak in English and broken Hindi before employees of the Bank, criticising the Bank's policies and programmes and convince the union members. It was easy I felt. At the same time I had joined the morning college education programme in Nagpur pursuing my quest for a graduation qualification. In the College annual day, there were several programmes and debate was one. I was chosen by the English lecturer, Shri Ramamurthy. On the appointed day and at the set time, my name was called. I went very confident to the stage. I addressed the audience quite well. But all of a sudden some darkness set in my intellect and mind. I could not utter a single word for more than a minute and half. When a person is offered a minute to speak he or she would realize how "long" is that single minute! I could hear some voices from the audience, "poor chap, he has forgotten", "seems nervous", etc and yet some few were smiling in derision! I said, "sorry!" and came off!!
I soon erased this unpleasant experience and became a "reasonably" good speaker.

C V Subbaraman, Mysuru"


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