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Thought for the day : Good Morning Many thanks for encouraging responses. Select responses are included at A Interaction. I'm sure while responding, you're keeping in mind the possibility of the response getting included in the Collage on subsequent days. Also remember the contents are posted at which is accessible to public. Link to my article "Education and fitness" is at C below. Collage will continue the discussion on National Education Policy in the coming weeks. Regards M G Warrier Warrier's Collage 30072020 : Dreams A Interaction 1) V Babusenan One day, some years ago, my niece asked me the meaning of the word 'sadyojatha'. Not knowing that it was another name of Lord Siva, I told her that it meant 'born in the sadya' which was equivalent to the English idiom 'born with silver spoon in the mouth. 'I don't think I could be fully blamed for this blunder for us, ordinary mortals, sadya has only one meaning. Nothing pleases gods better than good food. One may ask then why Lord Krishna says in the Gita that he is happy with 'patram, pushpam, phalam, thoyam' ? (leaf, flower, fruit and water). Evidently that is to keep worship as a quite simple affair, affordable even to the poorest bhakta. The Hindu God who loves good food most is Ganesha who is propitiated for success in all ventures. He is addressed as 'Modakahastha', having always in one hand Modaka, an appam made of rice flour and jaggery. Sri Sankara starts his famous prayer on Ganesha with the words 'Muda karatha modakam. 'Saint Thyagaraja in his kirthana 'Sree Ganapathini sevimpare' in rag Sourashtra wants bhaktas to please the Lord with panasa, nalikera and jamboobhala (jackfruit, coconut and jamboo fruits). In Kerala Ganesha likes most 'unni appam' which needs no explanation. Kottarakkara Ganapathi temple in the Kollam district is famous for its unni appam like the Ambalappuzha paalpayasam. Let us now revert to the sadya vis-a-vis Malayalam literature. None described a Kerala sadya in such detail and clarity as the 'bitter-paalpayasam fame 'Kunchan Nambiar. Keralites take a lot of pride in their Kathakali and Ottam Thullal. In the latter art form, the sole dancer himself narrates the story while dancing. It is a very popular dance form and Nambiar is its originator. He had written several thullals full of wit and practical wisdom. The stories are all taken from the puranas but their narration is as if they all happened in Kerala of his time-the18th century. Any swayamvaram, be it that of Sita, Droupathy or Rukmini will be followed by a Kerala model sadya and Nambiar will never let go an opportunity to make fun of the Tamil Brahmins for their immense liking of the sadya. Here is an example. The occasion is a marriage in the north-Rukmini's, I suppose. A Tamil Brahmin from Kerala bundles up his children in his wife's Chela(saree) putting the bundle on his shoulder, he starts. Someone on the way asks: "Pattarassa, what is in that bundle?" He replies with irritation: "Some clothes. Why it should bother you, Malayalee fellow?" Regards." ( How to make traditional "Modak" : Mr R A M Modak was my colleague in Central RPCD) 2) P K K Nair, Ex-NABARD " I engage my time with 10 plus hobbies, the more important of which are : 1 Graphology 2. Copoclephology. In India persons who cultivate the second hobby are rare! Copoclephology is the art and science of collection of key chains. Way back in 1970, I was allotted a Lambretta two wheeler when I was in RBI Bangalore. I looked out for a key chain to keep key of the vehicle. After a while I purchased one more key chain. Slowly the number increased to ten then 20, 30 and then to 50. From then onwards I took it as a hobby in collecting key chains so much so that the same became the only item in my shopping list! My relatives an friends came to know about it in India and abroad and they also started collecting key rings for me. At one point of time the number came to 5000, and I was the largest collector of key rings in the world. The news spread and people from Times of India, Deshabhimani, 2 Marathi papers, beside two Kerala TV channels took upon themselves to publish about my collection. Now the number has reached 8500 plus! When I checked google I found that somebody in USA has more than my number. That does not however discourage my hobby as I have become passionate about it! It goes on and on!! (Make sure, each one is different from all the others in the collection- Warrier) 3) S Nallasivan, Ex-RBI, Hyderabad " Keeping one on high pedestal is an inborn trait among us who were slaves for more than three Centuries. We held the political leaders in high esteem and strongly believed that our Hero can not err like the British Queen who would never err. It was Mahatma Gandhi who discussed about human frailties and carried no inhibitions to discuss incidents from his life as it had happened and recorded it in his book Experiment with Truth. He was the Editor of Harijan an English journal and his English should be free from any flaws as he had been a product from the Inner Temple, London. But he was in the habit of sending the issue before sending it to the press to to his friend Right Honourable Srinivasa Sastri, called a man born with silver tongue and pronounced to be the only master in Queens English by none other than Bernard Shaw. It so happened that Srinivasa Satri found few mistakes and sent back the issue with corrections. Gandhi for nothing is prided as Mahatma The next issue of Harijan came with the mistakes pointed out by Srinivasa Sastri prominently displayed. He believed and conceded that he was fallible too and so was everybody. Our present day leaders are not human and they are demigod held at the highest pedestal, literally too (as Statutes) One can not even address the leader by his /her christened name without honourifications acquired and the failure of which is an offence/ a crime inviting punishment outside the Law. Tamilnadu one never dare to address the political leader of any party small or big by name. As regards wife holding husbands on high pedestal and treating them as Bhagwan has been becoming a thing of the past. Pathidevta is reduced to a weak incompetent mortal. You discussed about the Thapad, the slap, very liberally given to the wife. I would introduce to a woman who fought her case for a divorce fiercely just because her husband slapped her. The Tapsee Pannus are raising on the horizon. (Film Thapad) The fathers held in high pedestal are finding their ways to Old age homes. We have traveled long, too long in a very short time. S.Nallasivan" Flash : New Education Policy B Dreams 1 Interpretation of dreams. Posted online comments : Dear Reader, Your comment on the article ' DREAM INTERPRETATION: THE FREUDIAN PERSPECTIVE' is now live on ' scientific interpretation of dreams will always depend on data made available to the research group. such research and interpretation are necessary where the dreams interfere in the normal life of the dreamer. when a child smiles in sleep, parents feel that the child is having a sweet dream. when the child\'s sleep gets disturbed and it cries, parents think that the child had a bad dream. philosophers and sometimes counselors will tell us to treat past miseries as bad dream and guide us to move forward. there\'s another school of thought which tries to explain the whole existence as a dream. my own personal experience is that dreams have something to do with one\'s past experience and \"wild thoughts\". it will be difficult to relate them from that angle, because, there\'s no recording of thoughts on \"hard disc\" and because such retrieval of past thoughts will not be possible, research in that direction will meet dead end.' To reply to this comment , or see the whole conversation, click here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Regards, Team TOI 2 7 dreams and what they mean : Interpretations are indicative. C Education and fitness : M G Warrier Inspired by a message from my friend G V Subbarao. After publishing I wrote to Subbarao : " Hope all fine your side. Bless me with your post facto permission for quoting from your message in this short blog post. We are in Mumbai When I write about spirituality etc I always remember you and P N Rajamani Regards" D Fun Time* Teacher : What is India Gate ? Student : Basmati Rice Teacher : What is Charminar ? Student : Cigarettes Teacher : What is Taj Mahal ? Student : Tea, Sir ! Teacher : You stupid boy 😡...You have made a joke of all our National Monuments. You have failed the test. Get your father's signature tomorrow. Next day Student comes to class and puts a giftwrapped parcel on the Teacher's table. Teacher : What is this ? Student : Signature, Sir. You had asked for my father's signature. I have brought you his whole bottle.🍾 The teacher is very happy and hugs him and said चल पागल... रूला दिया... जा पास हो गया तू.... *Forwarded by R Jayakumar, Ex-RBI


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