Prayer Manikyaveenamupalalayanteem... Warrier's Collage 25072020 : Publishing Good Morning A friend telephoned me on July 23 to tell me he found that day's Collage interesting. He was helping someone to attempt a biography of a relative and the reference to JRD Tata's biography by Lala helped him think in a different direction. We'll never know what gives the right spark to ignite a purposeful thought. Today I'm occupying substantial space in my Collage. Beyond self-marketing, the purpose is to send out a message that one should keep doing what one feels comfortable and would keep oneself busy without harming others. Yes, I'm talking about hobbies and this collection of links is about writing and publishing. The hobby could be social work, painting, music, photography, bird watching, baby-sitting, home tution, tailoring, cooking etc. Something to escape from things and thoughts we want to avoid. Till retirement, I had not taken writing seriously. Now, readers are not taking my writing seriously! M G Warrier A Interaction 1) R Narayanan, my batch-mate in RBI "Yes, I can understand your constraints. Anyway good that you could find time to narrate the story of your stay at the Cooperative Home, Thiruvananthapuram. The article* has come out nicely and I enjoyed it. Thank you. Incidentally, please consider including in the collage the incident of your scooter lost and got it back with the timely help of the police. Many readers of your column may not have read it earlier. This is only a suggestion of mine." *See B (1) below. {Thanks. See B (4) (a) for Scooter Story. We are now staying in the residential complex that has come up in the erstwhile premises of Automobile Products of India, the factory in Bhandup which produced my Lambretta scooter in late 1960's- Warrier} 2) V Babusenan, Thiruvananthapuram "Good food is indeed a good thing but it is the bad food, kadasanam, that brings good luck. When Krishna started eating with relish the bad food in the form of beaten rice, brought by his friend Kuchela, Rugmini caught hold of his hand saying: "Enough, my Lord, this kadasanam is too costly." We know what she meant. The so-called Sadya of the Keralites is applauded as an art-cum-scientific mode of eating. Its style varies from region to region, the best, according to me, being that of the former Central Travancore region. Every place of the curries served on the upper portion of the plantain leaf is predetermined. Banana chips, pappadams and plantain fruits should confine to the left end of the leaf and parippu (made of Bengal gram)when poured on the rice served on the lower part of the leaf should be on its right-hand portion. With parippu comes ghee and the amalgam of rice, parippu , ghee and Pappadam yields an unique taste! This reminds me a story connected with the great poet Kalidasa. In order to promote poetic talent, the Maharaja gave a feast in the Ujjaini tradition. Anyone could eat provided he would write four lines of poetry. A poor Brahmin wrote two lines like this: Bhojanam dehi Rajendra Ghritha soopa samanyutham (Oh, Rajendra, kindly give me food with ghee and parippu) However much he tried, two more lines didn't occur to him. He grew restive. At that juncture, Kalidasa happened to come that way. He asked the Brahmin what the problem was with him. The latter explained the situation without knowing who he was.Kalidasa took the palm leaf, added two more lines and gave it back. The poor man ran with the palm leaf and submitted the poem to the king. Just a glance was enough to convince the king that the latter part was written by none other than Kalidasa. These were the lines: Maahishascha saratchandra Chandrikaa dhavalam dadhim (Together with buffalo curd as white as the bright full-moon light) 'Upamaa Kalidasasya' Regards." (Thanks. Aranmula Valla Sadya has 70 dishes. Please watch the Sadya using the link below. The traditional "Royal Sadya" of Malabar had only 64 dishes. There are variations in the dishes served in different regions also- Warrier) ***********+++++++*********** Commercial Break 1) A Non-Media Story 2) Where to search ? Books by M G Warrier. If you are an Amazon Prime Member, you can read some of the books free. Think twice before buying. Have a glance through the introduction etc. If you feel you will not be reading it, never buy a book. Sales graph is not a measure of the quality of the contents of books. 3) In the classroom ************+++++++++************ B WarriersViews 1) Nostalgia "Room No 3, Cooperative Home" is my 50th post at WarriersViews, Times of India Blog. Thought this is the right time to look back. 2) A Visitor* *Received from my friend Shetty, Ex-RBI, Dreams "An American tourist visited a Jain Muni. He was astonished to see the Muni's room which was plain and simple. The only furniture was a mat and wooden pots. Tourist :"With due respect, may I ask where's your furniture and other household things?" Muni : "Where is yours?" Tourist : "Mine? But I'm only a visitor here." Muni : "So am I !!"" *Understand* *life* 3) Auctions, then and now This article was published in The New Indian Express. 4) Links to some articles by M G Warrier, published in the mainstream media : a) March 2012 This article attracted 50 plus comments and Tamil Nadu Police top brass expressed happiness. b) April 12, 2012 My first article on gold management published in the mainstream media. Included in my 2014 book "Banking, Reforms and Corruption" (Now available as eBook titled "Chasing Inclusive Growth" c) 2013 Spirituality d) July 19, 2013 Remembering an experiment with application of the principle of Manthras tried during 1990's e) August 2, 2016 Many appreciated this article. Included in my 2018 book "India's Decade of Reforms" f) December 15, 2018 Some thoughts on social media g) January 2019 Childhood memories h) Access some articles on banking and finance. C. Times Blog* July 22, 2020 1) Reminiscences – Happy Moments Posted online comments THE TIMES OF INDIA Dear Reader, Your comment on the article 'Reminiscence - happy moments' is now live on ' a very interesting presentation. the writer in madhuri will overtake meera soon. everyone is not gifted with the style and flow found in this article which make people to read till the end. but every gift comes packaged with responsibility. responsibility to use the talent for the benefit of society. getting frustrated and enjoying negativity is the current trend. many otherwise talented writers have gone after the opium of producing \"viral\" posts and counting the \"likes\" and \"shares\". how long the thrill lasts is not a concern for promoters of negativism. why i\'m saying things not directly related to the article here? because, i find many new writers posting blogs here. many good articles go unnoticed. but those who can write should continue writing irrespective of the number of comments their articles attract or the outright rejection by media houses.' To reply to this comment , or see the whole conversation, click here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Regards, Team TOI * There are many interesting articles at Times of India Blog by writers of all ages from different walks of life. I have posted 50 short pieces @WarriersViews since November 2019. 2) Photography D. Kubler Ross Model* A psychological approach to grief. R Jayakumar, Ex-RBI says : " I have listened to this topic from many speakers. From religious point of view the denial mode and depression is often explained as questioning God, " Why me? What did I do to suffer this? Why did you choose me?" etc. The acceptance mode becomes surrender to the Will of God. 'Do with me what you want.' This is supposed to be the feeling of every patient in the hospital after being admitted to hospital for major diseases. Surrender (acceptance) brings peace and courage). But it may be very difficult. Like it is said, ' Easy to say hard to practice ' Regards"


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