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Prayer Watch "EK Shloki Ramayan - The Shortest Summary of Ramayan - Ram Navami Special" https://youtu.be/ifWjW6NciwQ The whole Ramayanam in one stanza Good Morning We are going through interesting times. When many of you appreciated the interactive format of my "Collage", responses increased. Needless to say, we are not into "serious" discussion. While all efforts will be made to remain non-controversial, Collage doesn't verify rights and wrongs in the opinions expressed or contents quoted. Regards Nice Day M G Warrier Warrier's Collage 16072020 : Fables A. Interaction V Babusenan's response to the message of July 15, 2020 : "Now that the Padmanabhaswami temple in Thiruvananthapuram has become a lively topic for discussion again in the Collage, I may venture to participate, confining myself to the issue as to whether the controversial B Vault should be opened or not. In my humble opinion it has to be opened to complete the process of evaluation of the wealth of the temple. It has nothing to do with what you are going to do with it. Even if you decide to create a museum out of it, it is meaningless unless you know what is there in the B vault.This is from the point of view of reason. From the point of view of belief, if you say that it shouldn't be opened, there is proof that it had been opened on many an occasion in the past to pay the annual dues to the British. Let us hope that reason will prevail over the new administration of the temple. Regards." ( Thanks, Babusenan Sir. As readership grows, I have to be more careful. Some friends criticised my including comments on temple issues which were not factual. Like : 1) Present Raja is actually the previous Raja's (he was a bachelor) brother. 2) Achuthanandan was unnecessarily dragged in. Vinod Rai had found out inadequacies in management of the temple's jewellery stock. A related link : https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/kerala/padmanabhaswamy-temple-vault-was-opened-seven-times-vinod-rai/article6309994.ece) B. Current Affairs 1) A New Web Magazine on Nature : The magazine intends to spread environmental awareness. Message received from Jyothy, Chennai as a Forward: "Dear All As an initiative of the Chennai Young Naturalists' Network, we are publishing a quarterly e-Magazine called Nature Trail, whose 1st edition has been published on 15th July 2020. We hope that this will aid nature education which is now imperative, especially amongst youth. We request schools to also encourage students to read it. It is written and published by youths under the age of 25 aiming to make it interesting and readable to almost everyone. It can be downloaded from: https://ynnchennai.weebly.com/e-magazine.html We hope that you will also spend a couple of minutes extra to give us your feedback. On behalf of the Editorial Team Mahathi Narayanaswamy and Vikas Madhav Nagarajan" 2) Social nearing https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/epignosis/social-nearing-23093/ Posted online comments : THE TIMES OF INDIA Dear Reader, Your comment on the article ' Social Nearing' is now live on timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog. ' lovely. a valuable contribution to the \"covid literature\". the concepts of social nearing and physical distancing are worth pursuing further. i find, cardiologists have larger hearts and a special skill to find humour in uncomfortable situations. i\'m an admirer of dr tiny nair, author of \"happy at heart\" (book name, i\'m depending on memory). expect more from you, doctor sir.' To reply to this comment , or see the whole conversation, click here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Regards, Team TOI C. Fables from Indian Mythology Fables | Indian Mythology| Famous Myths |Mythological Stories https://english.webdunia.com/hinduism-fables There would have been no Mahabharatha War, if.... D. Stories with morals Watch "Moral Stories in English For Children | Storytelling in English For Kids | Gujarati Videos" https://youtu.be/CBwz4MaekIA Excellent narration and visual presentation E. Aesop Fables http://m.taleswithmorals.com/ Access the site for interesting short stories F. Book Review : Aithihyamala Ancient legends get a new life https://www.thehindu.com/books/books-authors/ancient-legends-get-a-new-life/article4694934.ece G. More Fables 7 Fascinating Indian Folk Tales https://theculturetrip.com/asia/india/articles/7-fascinating-indian-folk-tales/ H. Open the bottle, please! The Parable of the Coffee Bottle* A young couple had neighbours who were senior citizens, the husband around 80 years old, and the wife about 5 years younger. The young couple were very fond of the elderly couple and made it a point to visit them and have coffee with them every Sunday. They observed that the old lady would bring the coffee bottle to her husband to be opened, every time. The thoughtful young man gifted the lady a gadget, without her husbands knowledge, to easily open the bottle, and showed her how to use it. On their next visit, the old lady once again brought the bottle for her husband to open! The young couple was amazed! Had she forgotten about the gadget?! When the opportunity arose to be alone with the old lady, they quizzed her about this. Her reply made them speechless...... She said: "Oh, I can open the bottle myself, even without your gadget! But I get him to open it so he feels he is still stronger than I am and thus the man of our home.......that he remains useful to me as always; that I still depend on him; that togetherness is the main ingredient of any marriage....we don't have many more years of life in us, and togetherness is of utmost importance......" *Moral*: Never underestimate the wisdom of the elderly. Our parents/grandparents may not be bringing in money any longer, but their guidance alone is priceless. You may have a fruitless tree in your garden, but at least it gives you shade......you will not cut it off, now, will you? Looking after the elderly and infirm should be looked upon as a *blessing*. *Received as a forward from my wife Sudha


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