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Warrier's Collage 21072020 : Communication Watch "Surya Stotram - सूर्य स्तोत्रम् | आदित्यहृदयम् - Aditya Hrudayam Stotram - आदित्य हृदय स्तोत्र" https://youtu.be/YVejFYk3C1k See A below. I'm reminded of what Shyam Sunder Shroff told us while in Staff College, Chennai during 1970's : "Here, you'll know more from interaction among yourselves, than by attending classes." Just remembered, though "Collage" is not "College"! Special thanks to all who have responded. M G Warrier A. Interaction 1) A P Ramadurai " OMG! You are a One-Man-Army! Best Wishes- Ramadurai" ( Thanks. I'm part of the whole, and I believe I'll have a role in the "show", so long as I can perform. If not clear, I also didn't know how to respond!😊-Warrier) 2) R Narayanan, Thiruvananthapuram " Thank you very much for the prompt reply. I have read the article titled "My mentor " Although the narration was very brief, it was interesting to read especially the style of describing the events. There was an American Consulate library functioning in an old building opposite to the University College. Membership was free and you were allowed to take one book and one magazine at a time. I think you might have visited that library also. I was expecting a brief note on your stay at Cooperative Home, where a group of employees from AG's Office were staying. I actually enjoyed the article." {Thanks. Yes, at the American Consulate, another Warrier, Shri CSS Warrier, brother of CSV Warrier who introduced me to trade union work in AG's Office and taught me the basics of spirituality, was working. When we were in Cooperative Home, C Harikumar's brother Krishnamurty, P C Chacko, N C Nair who left RBI to become Company Secretary, KBM Eqbal (now Dr Eqbal, Neurosurgeon and Social Activist), his brother Prof KBM Hussain, R Radhakrishnan and several others who served the society in different ways were staying there. You were a regular visitor. P T Thomas who was dismissed from AG's Office along with N B Thrivikraman Pillai using extraordinary Constitutional provisions also was with us. PTT is now a retired professor and NBT became a lawyer and a known trade union leader (now no more). More later- Warrier} 3) Jyothy, Chennai "Uncle, how do you manage or rather where do you get so much content, from ??? I really wonder. And how are you so committed !!! It's natural to get bored and disinterested after a point of time, but you continue to disseminate infos and knowledge thru your contents. Undoubtedly setting right example to live life better and how to make it better. May this endeavour continue, without any breaks, with the same vigour ".( 🙏 Thanks, Jyothy. I think, that can be subject for another article. Let's wait for some more responses, which may contain the answer you need. There's a transition happening. My readers are interacting elsewhere on subjects covered in Collage in small groups and here is your Dad's response! ) 4) Janardhana Warrier, Tellicherry "Suprabhatham. As rightly said, Warrier's Collage is going round and round every day, like an "Onam Sadya" confusing me, where to start from. There's in plenty to understand _ Skills improvement, prayer and meditation, above all, great Shankaracharya's Bhajagovindam. Trying to go through these one by one, as I have to satisfy myself. Thanks Gopiyettan". ( What more satisfaction a compiler of messages can get early in the morning? Father and daughter reading "Collage" at the same time sitting in different states. Many Thanks) 5) P K K Nair " I can say with confidence that Shri MGW is spiritually superb and intellectually energetic! May ur tribe increase !!" (Nair Sir, I should have come with you to NABARD. Appraisals like this would have earned me "physical"/fiscal benefits. Thanks a ton) 6) K R Krishnakumar " I wonder how do you get topics like this and most importantly the time to discuss all these items so meticulously. You have chosen Vedas and also mundane items. I have no words to describe your Collage!" (Today, I'm including all responses received yesterday. If more readers share their views on the subjects brought in by me or add their contribution (100 to 500 words) we can make discussion under interaction more focused and reduce external links. Just a thought.) 7) E Madhavan " Nice to see ET Rajendran here. He is the original ET, Eco Times came much later. He was my first guru in learning the language bosses will understand.Those days when typing was considered an art practised by a few, ET was there to help me with his typewriting skill ....just a few random memories.. And of course the unforgettable Prabhadevi days!" (Jalada, Prabhadevi brought many of us together. After the Lockdown, we'll consider a Get-together of Batch of 1990's, Prabhadevi RBI Quarters!😊) 8) V Babusenan " Punarapi jananam' in Bhaja Govindam reminds me of four lines of Malayalam poetry. The poet is a Krishna bhaktha who complains thus: I heard you were a cowherd With lots of cow under you I started adoring you Hoping for pots of milk But how mischievous you are! You refused any milk to me And denied even mother's milk! That apart, used to wonder how a staunch Advaitin like Sri Sankara could ask somebody to stop studying grammar and chant the name of Govinda. A very superficial thought of course." { Govinda's response : Thank you, Sir. These are riddles, we ourselves will have to solve. Why trouble Shankaracharya? Warrier was asked a similar question, when he started writing about prayer and spirituality when the "Lockdown" started : " How come, you 'communist' have suddenly shifted your allegiance to God, who belongs to "US"?" (This was what the person meant. I don't remember the exact words). My explanation which referred to my childhood days in a temple, collection of books on spirituality and so on, saved me. My observation is, human beings conceal more than what they express and we get to know of individuals, including Acharyas, what they want us to know. It's a different story that Babusenan and Warrier are weak in learning and applying such marketing strategies!😊} B. Current Affairs 1) Padmanabhaswamy temple | The fusion of the divine and the dynastic https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/kerala/padmanabhaswamy-temple-the-fusion-of-the-divine-and-the-dynastic/article32125858.ece In the context of a recent court verdict Padmanabhaswamy temple is again drawing media attention. 2) IIMA Magazine https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DBRSBwP84r4LDwPRWOlGXnh6OMBtTvEi/view?usp=drivesdk Cover Story is on COVID 19. If the link doesn't open, seek help. C. Communication 7 Ways to Improve Communication in Relationships https://positivepsychology.com/communication-in-relationships/ If this is a repeat, worth revisiting. D. Learning communication skills from Bhagavad-Gita Watch "Session3: Power of Sacred Communication-Samvad:Bhagavad Gita Satya Kalra" https://youtu.be/dBLBW3Gjm2I If you have some time to spare, please listen to this Power Point Presentation on Communication by Sathya Kalra* explaining how Arjuna and Krishna had a "SAMVADAM" avoiding "VIVADAM" and possible takeaways from Bhagavad-Gita on excellent communication. Note : Avoid reading word by word from the transcripts/sub-titles appearing on the screen, as every third word is wrongly written, perhaps because of careless use of a Dictaphone. *More @ https://www.speakingtree.in/blog/the-secret-of-selftransformation E. Leisure : Fun with language Breaking the babel https://www.thehindu.com/opinion/open-page/breaking-the-babel/article32125722.ece Posted online comments : Interesting thoughts. While Malayalam itself is spoken in different accents in different parts of Kerala and even differently within the same district by different communities, perhaps, as of today, the state has population segments speaking Kannada, Malayalam, Konkani and Tamil. Also, there are guest workers from all parts of India. Aadivaasis in different pockets speak multiple languages. As mentioned in the article, there are several jokes about misunderstanding the meaning of words used in one part of Kerala by people from other parts of the same state. Some movie stars have spent months learning the way Malayalam is spoken in certain regions before acting in some Mega Movies. Go to comment


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