Warrier's Collage 15072020 : Sripadmanabha Temple

Prayer Watch "Shantakaram Bhujagshayanam with Lyrics By Anuradha Paudwal I SHRINATH SAMRANANJALIKA" https://youtu.be/68rBjjeck7Y Warrier's Collage 15072020 : Sripadmanabha Temple Good Morning M G Warrier A. Interaction 1) R Jayakumar The seven qualities of true friendship based on my personal experiences.. 1. Money is never an issue of discord in Friendship. 2. There is respect for each other's family members. 3. Will never say, ' I am busy today ' , but always be ready to sacrifice time without notice. 4. Will never give biased opinion when advice is sought for. 5. Always share true emotions, happy when friend is happy and sad when friend is sad. 6. Never running away when friend is faced in a problematic situation. 7. Will join happily in friend's religion, customs, food habits and other preferences. Missing any one of the above will kill true friendship. R Jayakumar 2) Shri V Babusenan July 14, 2020 " I wished to read the story of Krishna-Sudama friendship but my mobile refused to cooperate. Anyway the story is well known. This story is immortalised in Malayalam literature by the 18th century poet Ramapurathu Warrier(Warrier belonging to Ramapuram, a place in Kottayam district )The story goes like this: Warrier introduced himself to Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma, the architect of the erstwhile Travancore State, at Vaikkom. The Maharaja asked Warrier to accompany him in the royal boat to Thiruvananthapuram. In the boat he suggested to the poet to sing a boat song to pass time and to enthuse the boatmen. Thus was born Kuchela Vritham Vanchipattu, the story of Kuchela (another name of Sudama). Vanchippattu means boat song. Its rhythm synchronizes with the rhythm of rowing. The Maharaja guessed why Warrier chose Kuchela's story. The poet himself was in utter penury like Kuchela. So the King decided to act the role of Krishna. Thus, when Warrier returned to Ramapuram after spending some time in the royal court, like Kuchela, he found it difficult to recognize his Illam(house). There stood a mansion in the place where his dilapidated illam had been! Kuchela Vritham, with its simplicity and beauty, is a classic in Malayalam poetry. Those who have had the chance to witness any of the famous boat races in Kerala, would have heard parts of this wonderful poem. Regards." 3) R Narayanan, Thiruvananthapuram "Dear Shri Warrier, As stated in an earlier occasion, I read your daily posts without fail. The special feature that I have noticed is that you have covered very nicely the various subjects from Banking to Vedanta . All the items are stored in a big vessel. One can take and taste the same according to his taste. But when we start searching the items of our liking, we find it difficult to discard or omit any of them, as almost all the items are so important (tasty). Really your daily column is treat to all of us. I take this opportunity to congratulate you for the best effort put in by you, and also thank you from the bottom of my heart. Wish you all the best in your future endeavors also." 4) Chittanandam, Chennai DEAR FRIENDS, I WENT TO THIRUVANANTHAPURAM WITH MY WIFE AND MOTHER IN 1971 AS PART OF MY LFC. IF I REMEMBER RIGHT, SRI PADMANABHASWAMI TEMPLE WAS THE ONLY PLACE WE VISITED THERE. WHEN WE WERE ABOUT TO ENTER THE TEMPLE, WE WERE STOPPED BY THE SECURITY AND WE CAME TO KNOW THAT THE 'KING' WAS COMING. THE KING THEN WAS CHITHRA THIRUNAL BALARAMA VARMA AND WAS AGED ABOUT 60 YEARS AT THAT TIME. WE WERE NOT MADE TO WAIT FOR LONG AND THE KING ARRIVED VERY SOON. HE WAS VERY SIMPLE AND HUMBLE. THERE WAS NOTHING ROYAL ABOUT HIM. HIS ATTIRE WAS A TWO YARDS DHOTI AND AN UPPER GARMENT. HE REMOVED THIS UPPER GARMENT WHEN HE ENTERED THE TEMPLE. WE WERE ALLOWED AFTER THE KING MADE HIS ENTRY INTO THE TEMPLE AND THE SECURITY PEOPLE TOLD US THAT WE SHOULD GO BEHIND THE KING. THERE WAS NO ONE WITH THE KING EXCEPT A PERSONAL SERVANT. WHAT WE SAW WAS A TRUE BHAKTHA. THE KING DID NOT GO TO THE SANCTUM SANCTORUM DIRECTLY. HE WENT AROUND THE PRAHARAS. HE DID NOT GO AROUND THE PLACE LIKE ALL OF US DID. WITHOUT EVERY STEP, HE BENT HIS BODY AND TOUCHED THE GROUND IN OBEISANCE. WHEN HE TOOK A STEP WITH THE RIGHT LEG, HE TOUCHED THE GROUND ON HIS LEFT AND WHEN HE TOOK THE OTHER STEP HE TOUCHED THE GROUND ON HIS RIGHT. THE MOVEMENTS OF HIS LIMBS WERE RHYTHMIC AND HE DID NOT FALTER EVEN ONCE. IT WAS A SIGHT TO BE SEEN AND EVOKED RESPECT AND ADMIRATION. WE WERE TOLD THAT THE KING VISITED THE TEMPLE DAILY AND WENT ON WORSHIPPING IN THE SAME MANNER. PURE DEVOTION! UTHRADOM THRUNAL MARTHANDA VARMA SUCCEEDED BALARAMA VARMA AND WAS DEVOTED TO SRI PADMANABHASWAMI IN NO WAY LESSER THAN HIS PREDECESSOR. HE DECLARED PROUDLY THAT HE WAS A VASSAL OF THE LORD. REGARDS, CHITTANANDAM Shri C V Subbaraman's response to Chittanandam : "We went to the temple about three years back. The road outside the temple, South Nadai, was being relaid and we were told that the Temple had received some grant from the Union Government for this. The darshanam we had was not bad, but when the Queue outside was disciplined, once we entered the Sannidhi, it was all a chaos. There is need to control the devotees so that they observe the Queue till they have a peaceful darshanam. I agree with your observations on the King's visit to the Temple. The family has been ardent and faithful devotees without any iota of selfishness. We salute the family for keeping up the tradition and their devotion so completely to the Lord. Subbaraman" An earlier observation from CVS : "Chittanandam has raised the real TRUTHFUL point: the wealth of the temple is the Deity's. Shall we say: "Shree Padmanaabhaaya idam, na mama!". subbaraman" ("Idam Na Mamah" is a concept worth pondering over. A narrow interpretation of the concept is "Trusteeship" practised by Travancore Royal Family for centuries, talked about by Tatas and Azim Premji in recent times. There were no takers when Gandhiji preached trusteeship. People. made fun of him when Modi referred to the same concept, describing himself as "Chowkidar", when he became PM.- Warrier) B. Padmanabha Swamy Temple : 1) Watch "World's richest temple during Equinox | Architectural marvel of Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple" https://youtu.be/NaLTdL9CEzQ Sunrise and Sunset 2) Inside the temple https://youtu.be/vG7VEvGnwZs For a description of the deity inside the temple open this video. 3) Temple Treasure Watch "Mysterious Vault B Padmanabhaswamy Gold Temple-EYEWITNESS Report हिंदी | Subtitles" https://youtu.be/Ish68k5wCd4 Narration in Hindi with English subtitles C. Current Affairs : 1) Dr Jayaram Nayar Watch "Spend Or Save? - Dilemma of the Rich" https://youtu.be/nkbBNxbQzfk Interesting and thought-provoking talk. I don't have text book knowledge of economics or data on fingertips about the wealthy few's assets and the deployment thereof. But, for the last two decades some issues not directly related to this talk, but directly related to poverty levels and Indian Economy in general have been bothering me. Perhaps, if you keep them in the back of your mind, at some point of time, you may have some suggestions helpful to the society. So sharing: 1) Mapping India's resources : Like, domestic gold stock under various ownership, real estate, from the premises of Rashtrapathi Bhavan to unoccupied/unsold flats, underutilized production capacities... 2) Manpower planning and need-based skill development 3) A costs, prices and income policy 4) Factoring in, post-job survival costs into wages and creating a National Pension Fund. 5) Prioritizing food, shelter, healthcare and education. 6) Taxing Agricultural Income. 7) Gold Management (The list is illustrative) 2) Dr G Sreekumar's article Opinion | Lessons we’ve forgotten 25 years after the fall of Barings https://www.livemint.com/opinion/online-views/lessons-we-ve-forgotten-25-years-after-the-fall-of-barings/amp-11594653498516.html We never ever learn from history. 3) A historic verdict Administrative/Advisory Committees To Consider Whether 'Kallara B' Should Be Opened; SC Refuses To Decide Controversial Issue https://www.livelaw.in/top-stories/consider-whether-kallara-b-padmanabhaswamy-temple-be-opened-159831 D. Book Review : Ivory Throne https://www.livemint.com/ So much of research has gone into this book by India's young budding historian Manu S Pillai E. Watch "The Greatness of Vishnu Sahasranama (Shankara Bhashya) - a glimpse" https://youtu.be/JKZyl67gkNc This is a brief introduction to Shankaracharya's Bhashya on Vishnu Sahasranama. F. Sahasranama 1) Secrets of Vishnu Sahasranama https://www.speakingtree.in/blog/secrets-of-vishnu-sahasranama Some anecdotes.


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