Warrier's Collage 14072020 : Ftiendship

Warrier's Collage 14072020 : Friendship Honouring my friends' requests, I've tried to trim the size of this consolidated message. In the process long responses get excluded (Please note, responses are not edited by me). Apologies for that. M G Warrier A. Interaction 1) V Babusenan "It is a matter of great pride and pleasure for grandparents to know that their grand children have performed equally brilliantly in their examinations. I congratulate you both and wish such occasions happen quite frequently. I have vicariously enjoyed the home-made pizza too. Fortunately, I captured your article on the Bank and enjoyed reading it. I have no objection to your lowering the Repo rate. Go ahead. Regards." (Thanks. Did I suggest rate reduction? I don't remember. Regards, Warrier) 2) E Madhavan Shri Madhavan had this to say about the article "RBI Instills Confidence" "Thanks. The article is well written and elaborate. Main problem is at the delivery levels, i.e. banks and also markets. There RBI has little to do except moral suasion! Regards Madhavan" 3) My friend Shri Nallasivan from Hyderabad writes : WARRIER'S DAILY DIGEST* " Dear Friends Have you not noticed that Shri Warrier has changed his daily interaction mail format. It is not a mail any more. It is a Digest. One might recall the days of "Vitalinfo" of Shri Mangesh Taramble focusing on Banking and RBI. Shri Warrier's Digest has enlarged the scope of his own version of Vitalinfo and offer in his "Thali" a wholesome feast. The main course of course is his pet theme Banking, Money, Finance and Central Banking. He serves post dinner delite with a generous serve of Philisophy, Upanishad etc., One need not go in search of his recent Blog post, his incisive letters to the financial dailies and of course periodical articles to the Global Analyst. One might call it a desert, he offers information on current affairs, share information on immediate family and his long time associate and friends. He enriches his desert with appropriate videos. When you have read it your mind is full as if you have had a whole some Sadhaya. Thanks and regards" *Received in group email from S.Nallasivan, Ex-RBI, Hyderabad on July 13, 2020 (Dear Nallasivan Many thanks for your encouraging words. We all know your capacity to store memories in your hard disc and recall anything at the appropriate time. Many of us have, on different occasions, appreciated your comprehensive style of expression and the speed with which you respond. I'm a privileged person who owns some private space, taken on 99 years lease, in your memory as you have agreed to be my "official biographer". Frankly, I was not aware of the consequences of my recent shift to consolidated daily mails. Most of us took it as an excuse for laziness. Actually, a friend asked, what I meant by saying "there'll be no Collage on Sunday" Once again, many thanks for the love and affection from all of you. Compared to the efforts put in by Mangesh Tarambale to mail "VitalInfo" early in the morning covering RBI/Financial sector news of the day, my work is much easier. VIP bankers used to wait for Vitalinfo to begin their day, like we retirees used to wait for newspapers till COVID19 exposed us our insignificance. Regards M G Warrier) 4) R Jayakumar Dear Warrier Sir, I read your latest article on Economy appearing in the Global Analyst, forwarded by you. Even during this lockdown days you are busy with your research on our economic development by reading plenty of material available. Your article is full of quotes to substantiate your views. . I am not at all upto date with any developments except knowing the headlines flashed, like the lakhs of crores promised by PM and FM to the public. But I liked your article and it will be well appreciated by the knowledgeable people who read it. Congratulations and proud of your daily busy schedule to collect material and design your daily blog. R Jayakumar (Thank you, Jayakumar- Warrier) B. Real Friends 7 things about Friendship https://www.speakingtree.in/blog/7-things-about-friendship Who's a real friend ? C. Current Affairs : Books Report on Urjit Patel's book https://indianexpress.com/article/business/in-urjit-patels-book-chekhovs-gun-preordained-vanishing-act-6495151/ Yet to read the book. D. Friendship Day International Day of Friendship | United Nations https://www.un.org/en/observances/friendship-day Every friend has a day. E. Story Time Watch "The Friendship of Krishna and Sudhama (English)" https://youtu.be/H7qNQA6CrmQ The oldest friendship story.


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