Warrier's Collage 06072020 : Human Body

Posted by : M G Warrier Responses : 1) Response to yesterday's (July 5, 2020) message : Shri V Babusenan writes : The reference to the late Yati touched a tender cord in my mind. I had the good fortune of knowing him in his previous ashrama(his name was Jayachandra Panicker )as lecturer in psychology in Sree Narayana College, Kollam where I was studying for my degree in Physics. He used to come by passenger train from Varkala, the famous pilgrimage town where his guru Dr.Natarajan had set up an ashram. Simply attired in white dhoti and jubba with measured steps and alone, he would walk from the station to the college which was at the far end of a big maidan. One could never mistake his aloofness for hauteur. There was always a serene calmness on his face. I recall an incident that happened when, as Yati, he moved to the newly constructed ashram near the Ooty town. On the very first morning of his moving to the ashram, he saw an unpleasant sight: on either side of the pathway leading to the ashram, children were squatting in a row performing the defecation act. That sight did not upset him. The construction was not complete. There was a mound of river sand in the compound. He waited until the children left. With a spade he put sand over each one's contribution and, in the evening, he formed a heap of the dried excreta and set fire to it. The villagers were silently watching what he was silently doing. Not only that the practice stopped but the village folk wholeheartedly cooperated in keeping the ashram precincts clean thereafter. Yati Nityachaitanya fitted well to the definition of the Sthithaprajna in Chapter 2 of the Gita. Regards." 2) A profound thought* : *Thought for the Day, Sunday, July 05,2020* Good Morning. Have a good day. What is the litmus test for a true spiritual seeker? Poornima means effulgent Full Moon. Guru means (Gu - ignorance; Ru - destroyer) He, who removes the darkness and delusion from the heart and illumines it with Higher Wisdom. The Moon and the Mind are inter-related as object and image. Today, the Moon is full, fair and cool, its light is fresh, pleasant and peaceful. So the light of the Mind too must be pleasing and pure. In the firmament of your Heart, Moon is the Mind. There are thick and heavy clouds, sensual desires and worldly activities, which mar your joy at the Light of the Moon. Therefore, welcome the strong breeze of Love to scatter the clouds and confer on you the cool glory of moonlight. When devotion shines in full, the sky in the heart becomes a bowl of beauty and your life is transformed into a charming avenue of Ananda. That beauty of heart, that Ananda (bliss), must be won through the mind, by engaging in Sadhana (spiritual practice). If there is no transformation of the heart, of what avail are spiritual sadhanas? Regards 🙏🙏🌹 * Received from Shri Balasubramanian, Ex-RBI, Coimbatore Cartoon from Hitavada https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TlH1rcLhk8krKfSUY6YN1r7qJonNe5e4/view?usp=drivesdk Chat in Rats' World Warrier's Collage 06072020 : Human Body A. Current Affairs : 1) New book "Murder in the Time of Corona" by Darshana Sugathan* https://notionpress.com/read/murder-in-the-time-of-corona Promo : https://photos.app.goo.gl/HRQwY8bW2sL9nKb78 Darshana Sugathan who is working in Scotland pursues her passions in media and writing, side by side with her job. This book is her first published detective story. I wish her all the best in her creative efforts and success in all her endeavours. (*Darshana is my brother-in-law's daughter- Warrier) 2) Watch "The Arrogance of Economics by China" https://youtu.be/DXYxmHzufhE Dr Jayaram Nayar talks about China's Economy aligning with current political compulsions. B. Five vital organs Watch "5 most important organs in the Human body - Human Anatomy | Kenhub" https://youtu.be/-u5wVgJCJmI Functions & Working C. Human Body Watch "Human Body 101 | National Geographic" https://youtu.be/Ae4MadKPJC0 D. Five senses and "vastu" 5 elements energy vastu https://www.speakingtree.in/blog/5-elements-energy-vastu Relevance of "vastu" in peaceful life. E. Music and Healing Music and health - Harvard Health https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/music-and-health This is a 9 year old article. Further research would have taken place. F. Three nadis* It is worthwhile contemplating on three naadis, the energy circuit in our body in simpler terms . The three naadis referred to are Ida, Pingala and sushumna. The Ida and Pingala represent the basic duality in the existence. It is this duality which we traditionally personify as Shiva and Shakti. Or you can simply call it masculine and feminine, or it can be the logical and the intuitive aspect of you. It is based on this that life is created. Without these two dualities, life wouldn’t exist as it does right now. In the beginning, everything is primordial, there is no duality. But once creation happens, there is duality. When we say masculine and feminine, we are not talking in terms of sex – about being male or female – but in terms of certain qualities in nature. Certain qualities in nature have been identified as masculine. Certain other qualities have been identified as feminine. You may be a man, but if your Ida is more pronounced, the feminine may be dominant in you. You may be a woman, but if your Pingala is more pronounced, the masculine may be dominant in you. Bringing a balance between the Ida and Pingala will make you effective in the world, it will make you handle life aspects well. Most people live and die in Ida and Pingala; Sushumna, the central space, remains dormant. But Sushumna is the most significant aspect of human physiology. Only when energies enter into Sushumna, life really begins. Fundamentally, Sushumna is attribute-less, it has no quality of its own. It is like empty space. If there is empty space, you can create anything you want. Once energies enter into Sushumna, we say you attain Vairagya. “Raga,” means color. “Vairag,” means no color, you have become transparent. If you have become transparent, if what is behind us is red, we turn red too. If what is behind us is blue, we turn blue too. If what is behind us is yellow, we turn yellow too. We are unprejudiced. Wherever we are, we become a part of that, but nothing sticks to us. Only if we are like this, only if we are in a state of Vairag, then we will dare to explore all dimensions of life when we live here. Right now, we are reasonably balanced, but if for some reason the outside situation goes crazy, we will also go crazy in reaction to that because that is the nature of Ida and Pingala. It is reactive to what is outside. But once the energies enter into Sushumna, we attain to a new kind of balance, an inner balance where whatever happens outside, there is a certain space within us which never gets disturbed, which is never in any kind of turmoil, which cannot be touched by the outside situations. Only if we create this stable situation within ourselves, we will dare to scale the peaks of consciousness. Let us try to energise the 'sushumna'. * Write-up received from Smt Vathsala Jayaraman, Ex-RBI, Chennai via group email. G. Response Shri K Ramasubramanian, Ex-RBI Mumbai writes : " Today's wars are of different type. It employs arsenal bombs drones and most importantly the trade and investment related issues of bilateral significance. Digital equipments and App's are stopped for entering India. Mobilize group of countries against a particular ideology of a country like Chinese communism, create internal disturbances like inciting youngsters against country's policies etc Use religious beliefs to convert and erode the traditional culture of the country so on so forth. This type of war has become eternal path of survival. Use economic sanctions to s uttle the trade of a country like Iran. An approach of universal love Vasudeva kutumbakam may be an answer. Dear Babusenan hope you and family are fine. Warrier triggers our thoughts.." (Thank you, Sir - Warrier)


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