Warrier's Collage 04072020 : Life's A Puzzle?

Warrier's Collage 04072020 : Life's A Puzzle ?


Watch "INDIAN Mantra For Peace Of Mind, Prosperity and Joy (ANCIENT VEDIC SHANTI MANTRA)"

The old Rubik's Cube was in disrepair. Yesterday, my grandson received a new one purchased online from Amazon. There's online tutorial teaching how to manipulate Rubik's cube faster!
Today's subject is inspired by Vathsala Madam (See D).
The whole world may be a stage, but life is not a drama with a script writer, director, actors etc as in the case of dramas enacted now.

M G Warrier

Food for Thought :

1)* Shri V Babusenan's response to yesterday's (July 3, 2020) message 

"A big segment of today's items for discussion may not be much to the liking of some of us, chronic diabetics, for obvious reasons.Yet I venture to participate. The pretty long article on Ayurveda seems to classify non-vegetarian food as thamasic, but, if you look at the Gita which is supposed to be the condensed version of the Upanishads, you will find that eatable food has only two classifications-food that gives health and happiness and food that results in pain, unhappiness and indisposition. No vegetarian and non-vegetarian categorisation. A well cooked mutton curry with the right proportion of ingredients could be deemed a satwick food.
In Sanskrit there is a word 'Gokhna' with meanings: a guest, a good Brahmin.The former meaning is derived from the practice that a cow was killed to entertain a guest. Many of us know the story told about the Sage Agasthya: Ilwala and his brother Vatapi were Brahmin baiters. If a Brahmin happened to be a passerby, Ilwala would welcome him warmly. Vatapi would have changed into a goat meanwhile. Ilwala would slaughter the goat, make a tasty mutton curry, and feed the guest. Then he would  call "Vatapi come out" and the latter would promptly come  out tearing open the poor Brahmin's  belly.The brothers played this trick on sage Agasthya not knowing who he was. Agasthya digested Vatapi.
Evidently the classification: veg/non-veg came much later.

( The Sanskrit word is "Goghna" and not "Gokhna". Those interested in the subject may like to refer to the article* @

2) Last week Shri K Ramasubramanian, Ex-RBI, Mumbai shared the stanza starting "Anaayaasena ..." with me. Found the following video link relevant in that context. Also, in the context of prayers being included in my daily messages :

Watch "Anayasena maranam 🙏🤗"


"Grant me an independent, trouble-free life, and a smooth, painless transition at the end"

*The subject of Vedic Practices is just academic in nature. None of the present religions were in existence during the Vedic Period or when Mahabharatha war/story was conceived. Who ate what thousands of years ago is of no relevance today - Warrier

A.  Life is a Puzzle

Keep trying.

B. Gambling

Watch "Mahabharata Story 037 - The Game of Dice - Told by Sriram Raghavan" 

Gambling is no game. It's not "Kshatriya Dharma" either. Then, why the hell, Yudhishtira opted to play dice with Duryodhana ? When Duryodhana wanted to play through an agent, why Yudhishtira decided to play the game, forgetting the "protocol"?
Don't answer in a hurry. 

C. A King's dilemma

The dilemma of Draupadī’s disrobing

The most important thing in love and war is knowing "when to stop"

D. Life's a Puzzle*

Many of us feel uncomfortable with the

 word ' QUIZ' and we tend to distance 

ourselves as it is considered to be the 

prerogative of the brainy few.

But, in fact, all of us are participating in 

the quiz programme extending through life, the Quiz master being the powerful force of Destiny.

There are 5 important differences between the two programmes

1. In the common quiz conducted, there is 
only one correct answer for each
question, but here the answer varies from person to person, time to time & place to place.

2. In normal quiz, the person scoring less 
is out automatically, but here irrespective of his scores, the player is automatically elevated to the next stage.

3. In life Quiz no one is allowed to withdraw 
from the game, for whatever reasons cited.

4. At a time there will be one 
stage, quarterfinal, semi final or final, but in 

life quiz there is a beautiful admixture of various sessions,with individual identity.

5.The Quiz master is invisible

A.The inaugural session starts with simple questions "boy or girl?" 
What is the significance of the baby's symphony of noises, screams, whistles,coughs, burps amidst cooing, humming, or laughing and whether crying indicates hunger, need, dissatisfaction or distress and how is it that the child starts imitating adult expression of sadness,happiness & surprise without any rehearsal etc etc.

 B. Next comes WINDY SESSION in which
 the player faces questions in child upbringing, baby health care, play schools etc

  At this stage the child also becomes a 

  participant in the Quiz

  C. In the Booming Session tougher questions such as whether the child needs a highly structured environment or something more free & flexible, how should parents deal with the struggles of children relating to instinct of possession,power group entry, peer pressure etc etc.

  D. Storming Session starts with teen age 
problems, with the following questionsIs the teen ager not entitled to create a new image of himself( separate identity) independent of his parents?

   Why do parents yell, scold and pass 

   sarcastic comments about their children?

   Why do the parents not converse in a 

   neutral tone to the teen age son/daughter?

   Is it not the duty of parents to guide the
 children to fix their problems & help them assert their independence?

  Amidst finding answers to the above

  puzzles, both the players are elevated to the next level.

 E. Breezy Session 
In this session love affairs and 

  dreams of selecting the life partner peep through.

  A lovely participation by the second 


 F. Gale Session

After a brief pleasant session, follows a

 Gale session which may turn into a 


  The puzzles or conflicts relate to choice 
of career plans and getting into 

 wedlock. While parents base their decision driven by financial concerns, ego & wishful thinking, the retort from the boy/girl "marriage without consent is a violation of fundamental human rights of self determination''-- plunges the parents into grief.

  The Nature (quiz master) throws both boys 
& girls into conflicts of love marriage vs arranged marriage.

 In arranged marriages, it starts in a blank 
slate, and understanding has to start afresh.

 In love marriages, there is ample time for understanding each other before marriage and the possibility of comfort level may be high. But since expectations are already set, even a small descent may result in 

heavy disappointment.

After a lot of conflicts, puzzles & 

compromises, next session starts.

G.Windy & Cloudy Sessions 
This session consist of profession specific problems & tackling of human relations within.

Meanwhile in the domestic front, the

 controversies relating to home 

building,education of children, & investment plans need resolve.

This may be followed by another Tsunami Session if there are adolescent boys & girls of the next generation.

 History repeats after 30 years.

 H. Occasionally there is Hurricane & Tornado Session at times of someone suffering from critical illness( cancer) at home.There are arguments and counter arguments reg Chemotherapy

 vs Radiation, settling of huge medical bills etc throwing everybody out of gear.

 I. Sympathised Quiz Master distributes a 
relatively easy question paper denoting arrival of grand children and a BREEZY atmosphere.

The quiz master is silent. But the player has umpteen questions.

 How skilful  have I  been in solving the


 Have I been really successful?

 I am really fed up. Disgust and despair reign 
supreme. I have developed an obsession towards questions & answers.
 I feel that I can have a carefree life in a "3 S
tar" Senior citizens' home.To my shock, the authorities extend a long questionnaire containing 48 questions seeking the history of my sons & daughters.

 As though this is not enough, corona has its free entry and sway everywhere.

 Totally frustrated I return home when lot 
of shouting are heard from my neighbour's residence.That old lady of 85 breathed her last. There again a conflict arises. It is  reliably learnt that crematoria may not accept bodies with foreign bodies(pace makers inside). Strangely enough, the corpse is being admitted into a private nursing home with heavy admission charges. With pace maker removed there is a happy ending with conflict. Even corpses 

  are not free from quiz!

  Questions & questions! Puzzles & never 
ending problems from the CRADLE to the COFFIN!!

  I am restless,tumultuous,totally at a loss.

  I know no prayers,I know no poojas. I know 
only problems.

  I have nothing to offer to God.

  I have a big garland of puzzles and 

  conflicts strewn through a very strong 
  thread of vanity, ego and pride & I offer 

  myself to God along with the long 

  accumulated problems.


very interesting , good job and thanks for sharing such a valuable topic.
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