Warrier's Collage 23072020 : Service to Society

AWarrier's Collage 23072020 : Service to Society Watch "Bhagavad Geeta - The Science of Action and Result (Chapter 2 Verse 47) | #GeetaCapsules" https://youtu.be/ywPMJs-lvK8 We can do something only 'now'! Explaining the real meaning of the second most misunderstood and misinterpreted stanza in Bhagavad-Gita (Yes, I expected that question : Answer is, the first one is "Chaturvarnyam Maya Srushtam...". We'll discuss that also, on another day.) Good Morning Some friends have suggested that the contents of Collage should be reduced to help them cover them in 30 to 40 minutes. I've noted the suggestion. Will come back with my response soon. Till then, my suggestion is, skip some videos/links and glance through written contents. M G Warrier A. Interaction 1) V N Kelkar "Thanks for including talk on 'Goals of Meditation' by Swami Sarvapriyananda in your collage. I watched the video where he has beautifully explained 'yogic' and 'vedanta' approaches to meditation. It appears easy when he begins by saying watch your breath. Count one as you breathe in and count two as you breathe out. Repeat it regularly. That's meditation. Primary purpose of meditation is self realisation, enlightenment- a stepping stone to nirvana or moksha. What is difficult is stilling the mind. Every second there are incessant mind's waves. If one is able to control his mind , it gets stilled then one can enjoy the soul, intellect gets created and enlightenment begins. Its a hard path." VN Kelkar" 2) Vathsala Jayaraman, Chennai "Three stories from Babusenan were much interesting. We come across such incidents very many times. My neighbour Mami came in haste and told that a monkey entered into ' pavadakkul'. All including myself laughed and laughed. Mami became angry and went away. After sometime I thought of seeking pardon. Then she explained that the word ' paavadakku' means loft in their area .But we mistook it as pavadai or skirt ." 3) Janardhana Warrier, Tellicherry " It's amazing that you found some more time to include the important events that took place yesterday, especially in Kerala. Had a feeling of watching TV channel. Besides important subjects covered, the collage becomes interesting and humurous by quotes like the work experience of a Magistrate in my own place, that is THALASSERY. 👍" 4) V Babusenan "Shri Warrier's reference to a departed friend has kindled some old memories in me, both happy and sad. I am writing about Shyam Sundar Shroff who was the kingpin of the Staff Section attached to our Bengaluru Office. Tall, lean, soft, with a slight stoop, S.S. Shroff knew the A to Z of staff matters. Ever willing to help anybody at times of need, he endeared himself to one and all. It was the 70s and, on many an occasion, I had availed myself of his generously helping nature. His lanky left hand never knew what his right hand did. I left for Ahmedabad office and, in due course,he was taken to Central Office in Mumbai evidently in recognition of his expertise in staff matters. There is no dearth of very able officers in the RBI, but there are very few who have mastered the intricacies of staff matters and Pension Regulations. Srinivasa Ramanujan escaped ignominy because he happened to pass away before these rules were framed. There was once a mass recruitment of Grade 'D' Officers. Their in-house training was going on in BTC, Mumbai. I met Shroff there next time, not as a trainee but as a Grade B officer deputed to lecture on staff matters. The very idea was anathema to many of the trainees though most of whom came from the ranks. Some of them didn't hesitate to express their displeasure. This hurt my friend deeply. The saddest part of the tale is that one of the first bomb explosions in Mumbai took the life of Shroff. He was discussing with the Branch Manager of Bank of India, the finding of his inspection when the bomb exploded! May his soul continue to rest in peace! Regards." (SSS was Program Coordinator when I attended a short program on "Staff Discipline and Domestic Enquiry". I learned there in a week, much more about HR issues than what I learned in Government Law College later. I'm aware, there's no place for "if only..." when we discuss a tragedy. But, to bring back the focus to Shroff's commitment to duty, I've no other choice. There was an auspicious function back home on that fateful day and Shroff had entrusted the work he attended that day, so that he could entertain guests. Still, he decided to go to bank and return home early. The incident occurred around 1 p m. Thanks for sharing your memories, Babusenan Sir -🎂Warrier) B. Real Life Service to Society* Two kids were playing inside the campus. What is the speciality? It is but the nature of children. But where were they playing?They were playing inside a jail campus because they were living in the jail because the entire family members including mother and grandmother had been imprisoned being charged in a murder case. Upto the age of 5 they could stay there. Thereafter children won't be allowed inside the prison. Anybody would pity them or at the most give some money. But Niroja Laxmi really felt for them and acted differently.She decided to start a home for the children of prisoners in Bhuvaneswar. It is not very easy to deal with children of criminals. Very often kids used to get reminded of the crimes done by their parents and used to have sleepless nights. Neeraja was the only consolation for the affected young minds. The home which was started with just two inmates in 2003 has nearly 60 children now. The hostel functions with help from NGO. The children not only do have a secured accommodation but a decent schooling too. Six children have scored more than 80% in the school final. Two boys have secured admission in Engineering and Medicine after getting through the Entrance Exams. Some are pursuing diploma courses in technical education. Neeraja manages these with the help of generous donations and financial assistance from Odisha Government. The children are grateful to 45 year old Neeraja whom they address as mother. (Mom). There are occasions when some outsiders pass hurting remarks against the children. Neeraja immediately comes to their solace. She often arranges to bring the criminals on 'temporary bail' and make the children enjoy the company of their parents. Normally nobody comes forward to take care of such children and there is much possibility of those children getting trapped in the wrong company and following the foot steps of their criminal elders. The parents remark that their lives have ended in prison. They are much relieved and delighted to see their children have a dignified life in the society- the situation they never imagined. But for Neeraja this would never have become a possibility. Now a pucca building accommodating hundred children is ready. Political goons are opening Engg and Medical colleges and extract huge sums of money. Contrast this to the service rendered by people like Neeraja. The untiring efforts of the likes of Neeraja do not get the publicity they deserve. Yes, there are many more Neerajas in India. Even some Exrbites run schools for life convicts. The 'good' is still alive. What a great service! Tail piece When we see our children get admitted into famous institutions, we feel proud and happy. It is our duty. That is nothing compared to the service done by Neeraja Lakshmi, to the children of imprisoned criminals. What a great service! *Received from Vathsala Jayaraman, Chennai via group mail. (Many outside RBI family are appreciating Vathsala's style of story telling. Yesterday, K M Nair, Ex-RBI, Education Consultant in Thiruvananthapuram was praising her stories, over telephone.) C. Update ; IBA Negotiations https://www.moneycontrol.com/news/business/iba-bank-unions-agree-on-15-wage-hike-5583961.html/amp D Book Review 1) The Creation of Wealth : A Tata Story https://www.indiatoday.in/magazine/society-the-arts/books/story/19810331-book-review-the-creation-of-wealth-a-tata-story-by-r.m.-lala-805908-2014-09-15 This book (1981) is about an industrial Empire built for the benefit of the society by JRD Tata. To know more intimately about JRD read his biography "Beyond the Last Blue Mountain" (1992) and "The Joy of Achievement"(1995), both by the same author, R M Lala. I quote some lines quoted in that book, from elsewhere : " He touched the sky and it smiled. He stretched out his arms and they encircled the globe. His vision made giants out of men and organizations." (Message from Air India, after JRD's death in 1993) Dreams* Hold fast to dreams For if dreams die Life is a broken-winged bird That cannot fly. Hold fast to dreams For when dreams go Life is a barren field Frozen with snow. --Langston Hughes (American Poet 1902-67) *Loved these eight lines? Then, go to : https://www.encyclopedia.com/education/educational-magazines/montage-dream-deferred It takes, sometimes, longer, to realize dreams. Even if you were Lincoln or Gandhi! E. Leading by Example Azim Premji : Sharing and Caring https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/azim-premji-living-small-giving-large/articleshow/69683975.cms The man who showed the world that being rich is not a hurdle in serving the society. Nishkama Karma (NK) http://21stcenturyindianmanagementstyle.blogspot.com/2013/08/nishkama-karma-nk-selfless-or-desire.html?m=1


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