Warrier's Collage 27072020 : Malabar

Warrier's Collage 27072020 : Malabar A Interaction 1) C V Subbaraman, Ex-RBI, Mysuru "We must reserve a minimum of half an hour daily for going through collage - it is much less than what we spend in college during our college days. The unfinished parts and unbegun parts could be rolled over after attending to other daily routine in bits and parts. Had Collage appeared in those days, we would have certainly scored more marks perhaps in our subjects, as Warrier gives links and information that provide a fund of knowledge - like an encyclopedia. On MGW's scooter accident, I am reminded of a report in TOI more than sixty years back - A boy was riding on his bicycle some where in Andhra Pradesh. A bird had picked up a live snake and was flying in the sky. The snake escaped from the bird's beak and fell down on the neck of the bicycle rider, bit him and the poor rider fell and died! What a tragedy! You call it an act of god? Or a mere accident? Subbaraman" (Sir, many thanks. We are yet to meet. Still, you understand me, love me so much. It's difficult to narrate personal experiences, as a witness. I'm making such an attempt, sometimes I succeed. I'll treasure your encouraging words. Respectful Regards, Warrier) 2) Jyothy, Chennai " Regarding A 1), in my opinion, I don't have any problem. You are not forcing ppl to read, you are just providing substance. So it's purely reader's choice what to read and what not to read and how much to read. I personally read subjects of my interest first, and then proceed to reading topics of secondary interest (very few in nos) as time permits. I do miss few topics also at the same time. Nevertheless, I prefer let this news and info collage be status quo." (We will consider all suggestions.) 3) V Babusenan There's no need for Dr.Surendran to be apologetic. I was referring to the system and not to the taste. Thrissur is like a second native place for me. I have had occasions to enjoy sadyas there, especially inside the famous Paramekkavu temple precincts. What struck me in those sadyas was that, at beck and call, Sambaar would be served almost till the end. This will not be the case in a Travancore sadya. There is an order: Parippu, Sambar, Ada payasam, Kadala payasam, Pal payasam, Pulisseri Rasam and Moru (buttermilk). Moru is the Bharathavakyam in the drama of sadya. The eater will have to adjust the timing. But in taste, what can excel the Paalada of Thrissur except perhaps the legendary Ambalappuzha Paalpayasam? That reminds me of Kunchan Nambiar, the18th century poet who was one of the founder fathers of modern Malayalam, the other being Ezhuthassan about over a century his senior. In the mastery of the Malayalam tongue, soaked in humour of the supreme variety, nobody could hold a candle to him. Kunjan Nambiar was born in Killikkurissimangalam in the present Palakkad district and brought up in Ambalappuzha in the present Alappuzha district. He was a court poet of the Travancore Maharaja and was very much in his good books. The Maharaja used to take food along with his courtiers. If he said any item served was good, others would repeat and ask for more helpings. When this became a practice, he wanted to teach them a lesson. One day when the Paalpayasam (milk pudding) was served, after tasting it, the Maharaja stood up saying: "It tastes bitter." All followed suit except Nambiar. Feigning surprise Maharaja asked him: "Nambiar, what happened to you? Don't you feel the payasam tastes bitter?" "Yes", replied Nambiar continuing the eating process. "The payasam is, of course, bitter. But I like this bitter taste" Saying this, he asked for another helping. Regards." (I felt like enjoying a feast somewhere in Kerala, in a dream state. Many Thanks) 4) Dr T V Surendran Mananthavady "My suggestion on Sri Madan Gauria's interaction : Small modification may be welcome. The "key forward" such as the lead article FIRST TIME, can be placed as the first one in the Collage, followed by the relevant links and the readers interaction towards the end. Or split into two or three parts.... 1... main story 2... links 3.. Interaction , provided the change won't affect the overall beauty of the COLLAGE By the way, today's "First Time" can be read second time or more" ( We'll consider all suggestions. Once a week, we can even consider inviting volunteers from readers to edit and make the presentation according to her/his perception on a pre-decided focus) 5) S M Sendil, Ex-RBI, Chennai "Nallasivan is undoubtedly the most self revealing story teller. All are actual happenings in his large family of parents and siblings. His mails both in Tamil and in English have the Thirunelveli Thamirabarani river's flow and sweetness. Our Mohandas's family has members of many race, religion - truly cosmopolitan - and he is happy to share all real life experiences . Madam Vathsala has an example to narrate in her own family or relative's family for every rare happy or unhappy event posted by some one. Warrierji, PPRji, Jayakumar ji, Sitendra Kumar ji etc feed us regularly with interesting and informative mails. Thanks to such mail senders. Our vision of life expands. Sendil." (Though this is not in response to my Collage, I took the liberty of including Sendilji's message here not because he has mentioned my name with love and affection. I found it carrying a message about what we do in group interaction, in general. Thanks for that, SendilJi. ) B Malabar Manual 1) The Book http://kchr.ac.in/catalogue/77/William-Logans-Malabar-Manual-Vol1-Vol2.html 2) Fact check https://m.timesofindia.com/city/kozhikode/Study-reveals-truth-behind-Malabar-Manual/articleshow/38500601.cms C Malabar : History 1 https://www.thebetterindia.com/154585/news-kerala-varma-pazhassi-raja-british/ Pazhassi Raja An ode to Kerala's freedom struggle 2 https://www.onmanorama.com/travel/essential-kerala/kerala-freedom-struggle-british-rule-pazhassi-raja-revolt-satyagraha-independence-day.amp.html Because Malabar was not part of Kerala till 1957, the region continued to be neglected even in recorded history. 3 Malabar Hill Mumbai https://www.mumbai.org.uk/malabar-hill.html D Theyyam Festival in Malabar Watch "Theyyam Festival 2018" https://youtu.be/tLJJFiohg2s Theyyam Festival is a speciality of Malabar region. A combination of devotion, adventure, dance, music and other art forms. E Leisure Laws of Physics https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/thatswhatmybrainthought/about-physics-23528/ Posted online comments. F Spirituality Prayer* “Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one's weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.” ― Mahatma Gandhi Learning that there is nothing for us to ask is the best place to be in. We get humbled everyday by working with people in need and we understand how to thank the Lord for what was gifted to us. We begin to understand that all are equal and our ego begins degeneration process. Doing our actions with full commitment and dedication is a prayer in itself.. Mother Theresa did not practice any religion when she helped the lepers on the street. What motivated her to move to India and serve the poor? It is her dedication and commitment to her action. All forms of worship lead to the same destination. What is needed is saturating each form of worship into a fulfilling level of wisdom. *Received by group email from Vathsala Jayaraman {Profound message. The only prayer my father (1897-1979) used to say loudly in our presence was (In Malayalam, my translation may not convey full purport) : "Let good things happen Let my thoughts be good Keep us safe from abject poverty and serious ailments" After food, before getting up from the floor, he used to say : " Annadaata Sukhee Bhava" (Let the giver of food remain happy)}


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