Warrier's Collage 09072020 : Harmony

Warrier's Collage 09072020 : Harmony Enjoy : https://youtu.be/jwBGgQFQxO0 A tour on board the cruise ship "Harmony of the seas" That was a "commercial break" Thank you for watching. The context for sharing this cruise tour is my appreciation for the workers behind the "maya world" we see. I'm not able to organize even small works like maintaining neat and tidy, a 600sft compound around my house in Thiruvanthapuram, when I stay there. Whereas, millions of workers around the world are working without any social security or protection from health and safety challenges to provide me daily needs, to entertain me with videos like this, to ensure regular supply of medicines for me...(the list is illustrative). For me, they are the representatives of God. Shri C V Subbaraman has informed that in the last sentence in his piece "Sukham and Dukkham", the word 'not' should be added. Most of us would have read the sentence with 'not' only, as we do not read "word by word". I too didn't notice not's absence! Nice Day M G Warrier Watch "Harmony Prayer Song 2016" https://youtu.be/7rOFfv_PmeI Nice presentation, isn't it? A. Nostalgia ( continues... ) Shri V Babusenan became nostalgic after following "Nostalgia" in Collage : "Many among us know that R.K.Narayan wrote his famous novel 'The Guide ' during his stay in the US.On the first morning of his reaching New York, he goes to a shop serving coffee and tea. The man at the counter asks him his choice.He says coffee. Black or white?comes the question. What?white coffee? Then follows a vivid description of what a good cup of coffee should be, including the process of making it right from the selection of seeds, in his book 'My Dateless Diary.' When one finishes reading the description, one gets the satisfaction of having sipped an ideal cup of coffee. Where can one enjoy such coffee in a city other than Chennai?Where can one listen to Carnatic music in all its shades except in Chennai? I could enjoy both. In the Music Academy in the Sastry Hall in Mylapore, and in the various Sabhas I could listen to the great stalwarts of Carnatic music. I am referring to a period three decades ago, but the memories are ever green. I am grateful to our institution (RBI) for giving me an opportunity to serve in our Chennai office. There was a film in Malayalam with the name 'Nagarame Nandi' (Thanks, My City). It refers to Chennai in an ironic sense. But I refer to it in the direct sense and say: "How can I ever forget you ,my beloved Chennai?" This nostalgia was ignited by today's discussion in the 'Collage'. Regards." B. Current Affairs 1) Kerala gold smuggling https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/ready-for-cbi-probe-in-gold-smuggling-case-says-kerala-cm-after-removing-top-aide/story-rZ77ByvUpTR7zO7YA5t98M.html 2) ICICI Bank to reward 80k employees with up to 8% pay hike for work done during COVID-19 - https://www.financialexpress.com/industry/banking-finance/icici-bank-to-reward-80k-employees-with-up-to-8-pay-hike-for-work-done-during-covid-19/2016375/ A welcome gesture. C. Harmony 1) Harmony In The Family https://www.speakingtree.in/article/harmony-in-the-family I found this article interesting. We, most of us, are good at criticizing. When it comes to accepting criticism against me or appreciating another person's good work, my rating of myself is standard & poors! 2) Harmony at work : The benefits of a vibrant workplace: Creating harmony and a positive work environment https://www.theladders.com/career-advice/the-benefits-of-a-vibrant-workplace-creating-harmony-and-a-positive-work-environment Practical tips to improve harmony at work place. D. Response Shri K R Krishnakumar, Thiruvanthapuram shares his memory : Ref : Message on "Nostalgia" "Thanks. I came to TVM office in December 1978 on a mutual transfer after my marriage. The staff canteen was housed in the Nalukettu premises. We used to go to the canteen for our tea/ lunch. During those times I used to pass through the area (of course not through inside) and I have seen all the stalwarts in DBOD and ACD. Those days I knew them by names and not in person. Later on I came to know most of these gentlemen as I was posted in Accounts section. Thanks for reminding those beautiful days." E. Interval Irony of life. SOME IRONIES THAT STILL EXIST IN OUR SOCIETY : Politicians Divide Us, Viruses Unite Us. Everyone Is In a Hurry , but NO ONE knows where to go. Priyanka Chopra Earned More Money Playing Mary Kom, Than What Mary Kom Earned In Her Entire Career. Most People Who Fight Over Gita And Kuran, Have Probably Never Read Either. We Rather Spend More Money On Our Daughter's WEDDING Than On EDUCATION. The Shoes We Wear Are Sold In Air Conditioned Show Rooms, While VEGETABLES We Eat Are Sold On The Footpaths. We Live In A Country Where Seeing A POLICEMAN Makes Us Nervous, Rather Than Feeling Safe. In IAS Exam, A Person Writes A Brilliant 3000 Words Essay About How Dowry Is A Social Evil And CRACKS THE EXAM impressively. One Year Later His Parents Demand A Dowry In Crores, Because He Is An IAS Officer. We Are Living In Such A World, Where Artificial Lemon Flavor Is Used For WELCOME DRINK And Real Lemon Is Used In FINGER BOWL. 🤔🤔🤔 Rceived as forward from R Jayakumar, Ex-RBI.


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