A desperate situation: Judiciary revamp

A desperate situation: The pendency of cases in India’s overburdened and understaffed judiciary is well documented. The emotional appeal made by responses. But substantive and concrete measures to resolve the twin problem...
April 26, 2016
This refers to The Hindu editorial "A desperate situation" (The Hindu, April 26). In my article posted @moneylife.in on February 5, 2013, I had observed in a different context asunder:
“There is urgency to fast-track justice not only when sensational issues come up and media/ popular protests highlight them. The immediate measures could include:

• Segregating cases which need to be decided within a year and
taking them on a priority basis by the courts now in position.

• Leaving the remaining cases to new Special Courts to be put in
place at all levels depending on the number of pending cases.

• Ensuring vacancies of judges are filled in time
• Making it compulsory for government and public sector
organizations to expedite procedures where they are on either side of matters
before courts. This is necessary as there is laxity on their side as cost and
delay seldom affects the individuals who handle cases in government and public
sector. This position is slowly creeping into big corporates also.

• Making necessary legislative changes to reduce procedural delays
• Simultaneous efforts to encourage concerned parties to settle
issues out of court. This method would bear fruit where party on one side of
the dispute is government or quasi-government organizations.
It seems, some of these observations hold good, in the context of the
plea made by CJI on April 24, 2016

M G Warrier


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