Where there is no cost for doing nothing

Where there is no cost for doing nothing: If you were to analyse the deep-rooted ‘red-tapism’ in India, you will find a myriad of reasons. Archaic laws, multiple approving authorities with minimal coordination, deep-rooted corruption...



"Numerous research studies on organisational performance have shown a high degree of correlation between employee goals and employee actions. Till such time an effective performance appraisal system is put in place, penalising lack of initiative and offering immunity for reasoned decision-making, it will be erroneous to assume that the pace of bureaucratic decision-making will change in India. Politicians will continue to invent slogans and bureaucrats will continue to do absolutely nothing."

The lament in the article applies to all employees in the organised sector and all politicians including all those who participate in the election process (not just babus or 'government servants' or political leaders) . But the caveat is unless every citizen is empowered to think and act, change is difficult to come through ' effective performance appraisal system or penalties for lack of initiative or by offering immunity for reasoned decision-making'. The thought leaders like Ashish Pandey have a long road ahead to pursue political leadership to work towards improving literacy, eradicating hunger (when one is hungry, one's priority is not politics!).
M G Warrier


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