Puttingal Devi temple tragedy in Kerala: Fire safety concerns

Puttingal Devi temple tragedy in Kerala: the wages of negligence: Even in a country that has unreasonably high tolerance for poor safety planning and lack of governmental accountability, the tragedy in the Puttingal Devi temple in Kerala’s Kollam having been refused...

Need to prioritise fire-safety
Here, one wishes, our efforts to reduce such ‘man-made calamities’ go beyond the traditional “Shmasaanavairagya”.
The shocking revelations about deaths caused across the country in fire accidents should be an eye-opener for policy makers and those in charge of enforcement of fire-safety measures. Preventive measures and respect for safety guidelines are conspicuous by their absence. From the accident in Kollam on April 10 to possible hazards due to piling up nuclear arms are man-made and those in charge of governance across nations are responsible for them. Till such awareness dawns, calamities will be followed by expression of sympathy and doling out some charity by governments and the rich.

M G Warrier


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