The doctor who walked the talk: And listens!

The doctor who walked the talk: His academic achievements stand tall, with a staggering 12 books and 700-plus journal publications. His clinical acumen and diagnostic capabilities were legendary, so much so that he was appointed as


"Dr. White always believed in the art of listening to the patient. He was convinced that despite technological advances, the patient’s history and complaints are the most important clue to the diagnosis, patient well-being and, ultimately, satisfaction. The other day, I saw an elderly woman who had an angioplasty done for a block in the heart at a topnotch five-star hospital. When I asked her how she felt, she said, “Doctor, my problem is a chronic backpain for which I need relief, but no one seems to listen.” Technology savvy, busy experts find it more challenging and satisfying to treat a complex coronary block hidden deep inside the heart than prescribe a simple painkiller for the not-so-glamorous backpain."

M G Warrier


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