India 'one-eyed' king in land of blind, says Rajan

India 'one-eyed' king in land of blind, says Rajan: I think we have still to get to a place where we feel satisfied: Raghuram Rajan

Dr Rajan, the teacher
April 17, 2016

This refers to the report “India ‘one eyed’ king in land of blind, says Rajan” (Business Standard, April 17, 2016). India has immensely benefited from the communication skill of Dr Raghuram Rajan ever since he returned to India in 2013. Whether he is making a speech in an international forum or interacting with students in an educational institution somewhere in Kerala, Dr Rajan talks with the ease of a professor addressing his students in a classroom. This gives him a prominent position among the trio comprising himself, Prime Minister Modi and Arvind Kejriwal who together woke up the giant in India during the current decade.
While Kejriwal combined the civil services discipline and the ability to look at things in right perspective to create awareness about the mess in which the greed of the rich and the powerful had landed this country and Modi reinforced the capacity of the country to stand up and talk in international community on India’s terms, Dr Rajan takes care of ensuring that the Indian financial sector takes regular health checks to ensure sustainable economic growth. His catch phrases ‘A pig doesn’t become beautiful by applying lipstick’, ‘Make for India’, ‘Don’t fixit, if it isn’t broken’, reference to ‘traffic signal’ approach to monetary policy management by central banks and so on to the present reference to the ‘one eyed’ king have much deeper messages which the audience do appreciate and ponder over for long. These are used by Rajan the teacher (which role was appreciated by Prime Minister Modi when he attended a function at RBI during April 2015) who uses his teaching skills, selectively and appropriately.
M G Warrier, Mumbai


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