Kerala Assembly elections: Not merely a two-way contest

Kerala Assembly elections: Not merely a two-way contest: The stakes are very high for all political parties in the election to the State Assembly of Kerala. For the Indian National Congress, Kerala is one of the few States it controls and losing it would...


Online comments:

"One feels sad that even in a state like Kerala which can claim near 100 per cent literacy, political leadership across colours of flag and irrespective of numerical strength, is still reluctant to allow election processes to happen through normal democratic processes, respecting the will of the people.
The considerations like ‘winnability’ and religion/caste biases which decide selection of candidates (perhaps adequate gender representation is the only one criteria which is ignored consciously!), in addition to allegiance to leaders when they were in trouble, have brought together an assortment of dramatis personae in the lists of each front (and the sub-fronts within each front) with no commonality of past performance or future ambitions. This season, there is likely to be a number of winners who may be willing to work with any front and this will lead to more unethical practices post-election, in case LDF or UDF fails to get a decisive majority.
M G Warrier, Mumbai


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