Rajat Gupta pens inside story: Relevance of 21st Century biographies

Rajat Gupta pens inside story: The memoir tells the story of his meteoric rise and equally dramatic fall...

21st Century biographies

Apropos “Rajat Gupta pens inside story” (Business Standard, April 12, 2016), one feels grateful to Rajat Gupta for the promise that he will attempt to answer the toughest question yet for a person of his stature, namely “How do you maintain peace and dignity in the most difficult circumstances?” As he rightly presumes, first person answers to such questions encountered in trying situations by individuals will help the youth who get confused, watching the goings on in the present day world. 
As the aftermath of Panama leaks, one president had to step down. At the other end in Kollam in Kerala, defiance to law of the land by some vested interests has resulted in loss of over hundred lives and severe injury suffered by few hundreds. A young Collector, who issued orders what she thought right, is struggling to help out the victims of a tragedy caused by blatant violation of her orders!
This takes us to the basic question as to whether respect for ‘rule of law’ is on the decline in 21st Century. In our country with the present level of literacy, public opinion is managed by political leadership and media. Perhaps, youth and all those who were fortunate to get educated and employed need to participate in governances more effectively by expressing their views. Elders who are able to interact with citizens by any means including social media need to play a proactive role in educating the less privileged to think in terms of performing their duties and responsibilities for the overall benefit of the country.
Media should go beyond improving their outreach through ‘breaking news’ and ‘prime time melas’ and devote some time for spreading awareness about honesty, ethical behaviour and safe and clean living. If memoirs like this enlightens people to avoid the
traps into which people like Rajat Gupta had fallen, publishing such memoirs by itself will benefit society.

G Warrier, Mumbai


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