Those little masters of welcome positivity

Those little masters of welcome positivity: If you are someone like me, planning a vacation would be lot easier than visiting grandparents. First, because your parenting style comes under deep scrutiny from relatives far and wide; in my case,


"Clearly, my trip was not all fun and did not go as planned. However, as I look back on the trials and tribulations I faced, I realise I have a lot to learn from my little spiritual masters on positivity and happiness. Their curiosity regarding the flooding crises made me empathise with those who were worse off than we were. There is also something mystical about India; in its own way, it makes me realise my prejudices and fears. Together, they challenge me to confront my fears and reach my higher self. I’m still a work-in-progress, but just when I get too comfortable in Singapore, there is always another India trip!"

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M G Warrier


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